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October 06 2010

Dread Central posts a Dollhouse S2 DVD Deleted Scene. Dichen tweeted it. Btw the website is giving away the DVD.

It's from Meet Jane Doe, between Topher, Sierra and Victor. It's pretty cool. And funny. I can't wait for the DVDs!

And a The Simpsons reference in there too.
It's not working for me..
Ok, sorry, but I have to do it....

Actually it's Dread Central who posted the link (Daily Motion is just the video host) so I changed the link accordingly. It's depressing to see that this is the first promotion for the DVD so close to the release date.
LOL, poor Adelle. :P
Oh, Topher! You are so brilliant.
Thanks, Simon :D
Oh I miss this show.
Wrong thread.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2010-10-07 18:51 ]
Agh, this new material breaks my heart... :(
'Ah, who is it?'

Kills me everytime! I love Topher, and Adele, and Victor, and Sierra. I miss them all terribly. Can't wait for the DVD!

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