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October 06 2010

Miracle Laurie (and her mom) open The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. From the Wednesday night show, which hasn't even quite yet aired here on the West coast of the U.S.. Miracle had tweeted a reference to this earlier.

I think Craig's detective work was superlative! I also think being on the cold open trumps seeing a puppet any day. :)

Edited for bad writing.

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That was so cute!
That was great.
And then Craig and Debra Winger have a weird momentary digression into discussing Miracle and her mom.
Ohhh. She can't punctuate. How disappointing.

I was intending to marry her but she can forget it now.
That was awesome. What was she doing there? Did she just happen to be in the audience and Craig recognized her? Craig Ferguson has become the best thing on late night television.
I like Miracle. I love love love Craig.

The "your" in the tweet is pretty bad, though.

[ edited by patxshand on 2010-10-07 14:30 ]
That was funny, but strange that she was thought of as just a random member of the audience! Doesn't Craig Ferguson know about November!!?
I think there must have been a bit of both involved. Someone working there knew of Dollhouse, suggested it to Craig and then things happened. It's a hard coincidence to believe otherwise, but weirder ones are not unheard of, I guess.
Well, she'd tweeted earlier that they were coming for her mom's birthday.
Miracle apologizes to all the 'peeps that get all judgy' for the your vs you're debacle. I figured she was in a hurry and I'm so glad I didn't get all judgy! :P
It happens all the time, if craig sees something distinctive about an audience member (in this case, flowers in their hair) he'll often bring them on for the cold open.

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