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October 07 2010

Angel Collector's Set is's Gold Box Deal of the Day. If you have not picked up the complete series for yourself or a loved one yet, has it on sale for today only.

I wonder how many tens of millions 20th Century Fox has made from the DVDs.
Thanx, will have. Excellent price.
Snagged mine! Thanks for the head's up.
This is great - just picked it up. I just finished watching all 5 seasons on Netflix Instant, but for this price I figured I should pick it up for when I want to watch it again!

And it qualifies for free 5-9 day shipping - so the $50.99 price is all you'll have to pay!
Oh, damn. If I wasn't about to have $40.00 pulled out of my account for Dollhouse, I would totally buy this thing. *sigh*
I think I paid about this much per season. Good deal!
I bought it.
I shouldn't have. I really shouldn't have. But I don't think that's a price you can beat.
Maybe I'll leave it unopened and watch it as a reward for finishing NaNoWriMo.
This is a yearly sale. I love it! I bought mine for this price 2 years ago.
If it wasn't for the deleted scenes, that I think might be missing, I'd buy it.

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Worth it just to get the Amy Acker audition scene, where Gunn and Wesley start wooing Fred with Shakespeare after a spell is cast. (Was that in the season 3 or season 4 set?)
I would pick it up if I wasn't concerned that these will be released on Blu Ray in the next few years.
Well, there is a new set coming out next week, but it isn't Blu-ray, unfortunately. I guess that's why this sale is going on. I like the look of the new packaging better, but I think that is all that is new about it.
I want this is in Blu ray. Now.
Yeah, I was wondering if anybody knew if there were any differences between the new set and the old, besides the look.
Since I live in Canada I had to pay for shipping and importing, but it still worked out to majorly cheap, and I'm so very excited that I finally picked this up. I have most of the seasons anyway, but some disks are lost or damaged, and this way works out to get the seasons back for cheaper. Awesome!

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