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December 10 2003

PTC says TV violence is more graphic and frequent. Cites Buffy and Angel as examples.

"Overall, WB showed a 95.6% decrease in violence from 1998 to 2002. That drop can be attributed almost entirely to the fact that Buffy the Vampire Slayer moved from the WB network to UPN in 2001."


I think the rise in Angel's ratings can now be partly attributed to the PTC eagerly watching and recording every little detail for future reports.

You can pick any episode of Buffy or Angel and the PTC would never approve of it. Their just a bunch of assholes still living in the 50's from the 20th century.
See, this is why Joss should have changed the concept to "Buffy The Vampire Cuddler". The PTC wouldn't have any problems then!
I like how the PTC keeps talking about the "Family Hour", and how all this is happening in the "Family Hour," A term they coined and they are the only ones that use it, yet everybody has to abide by it, since when is this 1940's Germany?
No way Mindpeices - Buffy *was* a vampire cuddler. They just site all that action in their "too much graphic sex on TV" reports.
Whoo-hoo, I applaud that TV violence is more graphic and frequent.
Something else to note, Candaians watch just as much violence on tv as americans do(sans men on women), yet their murder ratio is one-tenth ours, kinda blows that argument all to hell doesn't it?
I'm just shocked that of all the violence in Buffy, they chose the less violent ones in my opinion. Not one mention of season 6

Looks like those PTC folks have been doyling, when they should of been watching for violence.
They were probably too busy obsessing over the sexual content of Buffy's sixth season to obsess over its violence.
I have some real problems with this report. First of all there is a HUGE difference between BtVS and the other shows described. In the examples for the other shows it was human vs human however on Buffy it's human vs demon. If your kid goes out and beheads someone with an axe because they saw Buffy do that to a demon then they need to be checked out to learn the difference between demons and humans and fiction and reality.

Another problem I have with reports like this is that it places the blame only on the Networks and show makers. How about putting some responsibility on the parents? I realize you can't monitor your kids all the time but the networks are not the only ones to blame.
Lyn - I agree with you on all counts except for one small thing. They did mention Gunn killing the professor, who was human. I do agree that parents should take more responsibility for what they allow their kids to watch and in most cases unsupervised.

My kids are 17 and 14 now and we all watch Buffy and Angel but they weren't allowed to when they were younger even though some of their friends did. I didn't feel they were mature enough to understand that it wasn't real. Plus it would've scared the Hell out of 'em.

When they did start watching, I'd explain things to them to make sure they understood stuff and we'd discuss the show. I think that if parents watched stuff with their kids they'd know if something was effecting them in a bad way and can even discuss what they are seeing and tell them what's wrong and why it's wrong.

Now for them to be picking on Buffy for it's violence, well, the name of the show is a dead giveaway of what she does and if people think it's too violent for kids to watch, then don't let them. Kids need supervision and I'm not just talking about what they are watching. What about who they are chatting with online or what video games they are playing in their rooms that parents don't bother to check out.

In my household Buffy has been a great launching pad for discussions on how to treat other people and how relationships should be, what's a bad relationship, what's a good relationship, friendship, respect. There have even been some Christian groups who have stated that Buffy was a good role model (and there are some who say it's evil but I just ignore those lunatics).

Buffy and Angel always have a good moral base and try to show that people should try and be good and this group doesn't pay enough attention to the show to even get that.
Not that I'm the world's greatest speller but if you are going to publish a report like this you might want to proof-read it first. ;)

"Angel 11/03/02 9:00 p.m. WB

Charles kills Professor Seidel by breaking his beck and pushes him into a portal that will send him to a hell dimension."

What's a beck?

OMG these people actually made the AP wire with this story, it's even in the Hollywood Reporter. :P

The last paragraph from the AP story:
'One positive finding for the PTC was that three networks -- CBS, NBC and the WB -- cut back on the level of violence during TV's so-called family hour, between 8 and 9 p.m. For the WB, that's due almost entirely to losing one program, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."'

Of course they don't mention the fact that the WB lost Buffy from that hour 3 years ago :P

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My younger son is eight years old and has been watching Buffy with me for a few years now. He loves the show (mostly because of the fighting scenes, he cheers for buffy and the scoobs, and he thinks Anya is hilarious.), and isn't a bit scared. I do however, draw the line at Hush. From then on I really don't let him watch, except for the musical. So early seasons it is for him. He gets to see a high school girl getting the best of the bad guys, beating up the evildoers, and saving the world on a weekly basis, all with a minimum of bloodshed. His favorite episode aside from "Pangs" is "Dead Man's Party." I SO love what his idea of an empowered woman will be when he gets older. I know that all the responsibility falls to me and my husband, but its cool to realize that the "Buffy type" of girl is just normal to him.
Willowy, the key is you are watching it with him too and can discuss it with him. I remember not letting my kids watch Hush either because it freaked me out!! Definitely the earlier seasons were a lot less darker and as the series progressed it did get a little bit more mature as each season happened.
blwessels, that's why I only mentioned Buffy. I appreciated that they did actually use a human vs human confrontation for the Angel example, however all of the Buffy examples were human vs demon. Sheesh!

And good on all of you who watch stuff with your kids and discuss it with them. That's what stops kids from becoming lost in the mire of "is it real or not?".
"Angel 11/03/02 9:00 p.m. WB

Charles kills Professor Seidel by breaking his beck and pushes him into a portal that will send him to a hell dimension."

Have you ever heard Beck's music? Good for Gunn!
I'm with Willowy and blwessels here. My kids are 8, 6, & 4. They all recognize the Buffy and Angel theme music and come a-runnin when they hear it. They'd gladly sit and watch if I'd let them. And I do...provided it's appropriate for them.
They've all seen the musical and love it. My oldest (who was Buffy for Halloween this year) watches Angel reruns on TNT w/me and SOMETIMES Buffy on F/X. But only if it's not too sexual (ahem...season 6) or downright creepy (Hush, The Body) for them, as determined by me and/or Daddy.
It's important to montior ALL of their viewing and discuss what they take in. It's also important to have good role models and I think Buffy qualifies (mostly...see season 6 reference).
blwessels, lyn,and meredith: I agree completely! You guys just get it!

See why I love this site?
Right-wing PCers bitching about TV violence.

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