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October 07 2010

(SPOILER) Scott Allie interview about the end of Buffy Season 8. He talks about co-writing with Joss, yesterday's issue and hints at things to come at the end of season 8 and in season 9.

I do not believe in God, but I do believe in Joss Whedon's writing qualities.

Yet, I'm concerned, even anxious. Well, I admit, it's outright panic. Already Angel killing Drogyn, in a similar way having Lorne kill Lindsey bothered me, also does the alienation between Giles and Buffy since that infamous Giles/Robin conspiracy from season7. Somehow my moral compass feels scarred, bemused, seeing thus many deeds the Scobbies and affiliaties did, which I can hardly exculpate. I don't quite buy Andrew's advancement in the Scoobie's esteem.

Yet, most of season 8 convinced me from a dramatic point of view, spoke to me in terms of ... poetry. But still I'm suffering. Can't wait the final issues.

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I want to see how they draw everything into the jump-off point for the Frayverse. I still have a lot of issues though.

I think I'm just the opposite of the other poster...I say "do believe in God", but I'm having a lot harder time these days with Joss's writing...I do not think the comics have gone very well overall, and that even with Joss overseeing them, they've left a lot to be desired and done a lot of thigns to the characters I didn't like. I'd like to hope it will come together in a good way in the end, but it's hard to be sure of anything at this point.
Well, there is this thing about Joss not actually writing it... Allie is, with help and direction, etc.

This comic has been such a huge disappointment for me in so many ways. I cannot conceive of a resolution to the story that will make this better- even if they brought Tara back- my big hope 4 years ago- it would not rectify all the other things that seem off to me in this storyline. Which is all about ending magic and the many slayers, anyway.
It's solely Joss on #40, the Season 8 finale, but Allie is co-writing with him on #37 (this week's issue) to #39. So Joss will have written the first and last issues of "Last Gleaming" on his own, with Allie assisting/scripting the middle (with a healthy dose of Joss editing, by the sounds of it).

Hmm, Allie's recommending a re-read before #38. I was gonna do it just before #39 (time permitting). Well, originally I was gonna do it just before #40, but since it sounds like that's gonna be a coda or something different and the actual climax of the arc/season (and hopefully a resolution of sorts) takes place in #39...okay.

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