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October 07 2010

(SPOILER) Season 8 Behind The Scenes: An Interview With Dark Horse Editor Sierra Hahn. Buffyfest interviews one of the editors working on the the Whedonverse titles. Very mild spoilers on her feelings after reading the infamous #39.

Buffyfest: The now infamous Twilight-gate cover leak must have been a hard day at the office. Can you describe the climate at Dark Horse that day?

SH: The cover leak was awful. We were pretty deflated by the whole experience. It had been this incredibly exciting secret that had been kept under wrap for years, and then suddenly the news was out, and we had to do some damage control. There was no great way to come out of that situation gracefully. And then… you're on the next thing, trying to keep the book coming out on time and hoping there are still some secrets remaining by the very end.

Yes, I'll take two more scoops of ominous, please.
her feelings after reading the infamous #39


The events of issue 39 make her feel ill?This is going to be bad.Is this going to top Seeing Red as most controversal Buffy episode?
Sounds like Joss has set course for the dark place again. I'm hoping for a silver lining, but given all the ominous signs, I'm thinking "not." Season 8's ending may only appeal to Shakespeare fans. Be prepared for "…and everybody died horribly. The End."

Fortunately, there's always fanfic.
yes, I think this has come to the point that if it's "only" one dead character or two, I'm going to breath a sigh of relief. The real shocker would be if everybody's alive at the end (please?)

btw, I know I overdid it with the spoiler tag, but some people really don't want to know even the tiniest of thing.
Given that there's gonna be a Season 9, you guys are serious about being surprised if most of the characters are left alive ?

I figure one, maybe two major deaths...big maybe, IMO (and depending on who each of us personally regards as "major").

Season-ending character death isn't required to wring big emotion out of the plot or cause the epic pins-and-needles feeling though (plenty of Buffy and Angel seasons concluded without main character death). I'll be happy if the arc just makes sense and they spend a little more time convincing us of Angel's motivations.

Angel became Twilight to consolidate all of Buffy's/the slayer army's potential enemies, to keep them under one banner/from doing worse to Buffy and company, fine, I guess except that it still lead to a ton of slayer deaths and heartache ? And he also did all this Buffy from making things worse in regards to the Twilight phenomenon/prophecy or whatever ? I dunno. They're almost on the verge of making it make sense, the exposition has put a number of possibilities in play, but even after reading the Riley one-shot and issues #36 & 37 all in a row last night, I'm still scratching my head. They need to tighten up the explanation(s) big-time. So far, The Seed is something else entirely and doesn't seem to be related to explaining Twilight, it seems more set up to pay off the Fray/no-magic prospect. And now there's apparently an embodiment of Twilight, or it can physically manifest in living beings ? That's all fine, Twilight and The Seed will get more play time in the forthcoming issues, but Angel needs work.
In regard to one of the questions: I don't think feminists have been especially critical of Season 8, at least not the ones that I know.

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