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October 07 2010

The Avengers to be filmed in Long Island, New York. At the Grunman Studios in Bethage to be precise.

I need someone to pinch me. I'm still traumatized by how Wonder Woman turned out. This is really happening.

Also if they start building sets next month then does that mean the script is done? You can't build sets without a script, no?

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That's not far away from me. I'm very small. I could sneak in! On the other hand... it's Long Island.

Snobby Manhattanite is snobby.
Sometimes a script is never done. Writers will bring new pages daily for that day's shoot! But yeah, normally you need at least a solid draft that has the main plot that cannot change from there. Plus, in this case, as long as you know what sets from Iron Man 1/2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Capt. America you want to use, you could start building those pretty quick.

There's probably some givens that Joss has to include, like a shield HQ (Just a guess). Bam, set the art dept to it, as soon as they have something Joss and the producers like you can start building it. Any major set pieces have probably been agreed upon and in the design stages for a while now.

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Any mention where the "non-studio" stuff will be filmed?
I'm surprised that they aren't filming in LA: Joss loves working in LA and the weather is better for out door shoots (besides I was headed out to California this Winter).
Well the Avengers are a New York team, maybe they'll be doing a lot of filming in the city?
Filming in California is still more expensive than shooting anywhere else, which is why people like Joss have to fight to do it. I imagine Simon is correct that there will be NY location shooting.
They might stiill be shooting in L.A. I just read a article about Batman 3 on SuperHero Hype which stated that Avengers is shooting in L.A. in February.
Lots of the stuff that looks like New York is actually shot in Toronto because it's much cheaper there. You only notice it if you know Toronto's streets really well.

And I too am an snobby Manhattanite, but it's JOSS...
Darn, I was hoping they'd come to Vancouver, since Joss worked here for The Cabin in the Woods, but maybe they didn't want it to look similar to all the X-Men movies.

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I'm geeking out over this, and I won't even be home most of the time anyway - I'm at school in South Carolina! (Pathsunbeaten and project bitsy, I've tried to explain the mindset of the city vs. the rest of the state and Manhattan vs. the rest of the city to people down here and they are baffled. It amuses me almost as much as the fact that Queens is actually on Long Island, though they'd die before they admitted it.) Anyway, yay for Joss in the northeast!!!!
It might be cheaper if they used the same locations that were used for Jackie Chan's "Rumble in the Bronx". :)
Was Rumble in the Bronx filmed in Vancouver or Toronto? I think it was the former.

And fun fact, apparently for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, which is actually filmed and set in Toronto (and they have some gags about this), for awhile they were considering having the production done in New York. I sort of wished they'd have that so they'd have a scene with a New York doubling as Toronto doubling as New York.

Anyway, this does make me curious about how this plays out in terms of the prior movies. They might be able to just reuse a handful of Iron Man sets as necessary but Captain America is a period piece so they don't really have many excuses to go back to it, Hulk was partially set in New York but didn't look it and with different actors, and Thor I thought took place in Nevada or something.
The movie is actually set in New York I believe.
Hrm, has Whedon actually let any of the plot details at all leak or do we only know the cast/number of heroes? I know he made vague references from how he'd be drawing from all the Avengers-related content, so we'd probably get the Triskelion rather than the mansion (or household sitcom like the Dexter's Lab parodies), but the nature of the threat could give some hints.

Like it would be fairly gutsy if the very first big threat meant we'd get a ponderous three hour movie of the heroes floating around like objects in [a] space [odyssey]. Basically anything Whedon would have wanted to do in Titan AE, that Aliens movie, Firefly, or Astonishing. (Oh, could the Skrulls end up being the three-eyed vending machine aliens in Toy Story?)

I can't really come up with any seminal Avengers threats that might make it to screen. Galactus would be neat but I assume that Fox through the Fantastic Four might have the rights to them? Otherwise I'm just coming up with the Hulk gone bad.

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