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October 07 2010

Young Simon Tam makes EW's list of 15 Best Adult TV Characters Seen as Kids. Zac Efron played young Simon Tam, which can certainly be a little disconcerting if you know him as the star of High School Musical.

Jeez, EW is really scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to making lists. (I'm not speaking to the quality of the choices - just the decision to make the list in the first place.)
Isn't it weird to think that Zac Efron - the heart-throb of countless teenage girls - was 'born' in the 'verse?
Deleted because my eyes are bad today. :)

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My my, didn't young Master Tam grow up handsome? (I'm referring to Sean, of course;)
That's hilarious, how did I not notice that?

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