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October 07 2010

A clip from the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD outtakes reel. If you didn't already know, the DVD will be out on release next week.

Yay, looks like we're finally getting some DVD teases! Love it!
Ah. Love this show so much.
Is it accessible though the Internet?
I don't like seeing the stunt actors, I liked believing that was all Eliza! lol

Is that her fighting with Alan or the stunt actor?
Looked like the stuntwoman for the clip with Alan, but hard to say, since they're supposed to look alike... kinda their job, really.

I love that Fran Kanz couldn't get a phrase as commonplace as "You showed me yours..." out without forgetting it. I mean, you start saying that, just how are you going to finish it?
In this screen cap it looks Eliza. I hope it is. lol
iamrogue, like all the good sites (iTunes, Hulu), refused me access to the clip.
:( Does anyone know of a link for those of us not in the US? (Or is it just me that can't see it? Maybe it's personal?)
I'm from Canada and can see it.
I'm in Australia, and I can see it, so I think it might be something with your setup Carnelionne. :(
I'm in the USA and it won't let me see it. Weird.

Edit: Nevermind, apparently I clicked on the middle instead of the lower-left button.

Alan Tudyk is just fun. And poor Fran can't even get the rest of the line out. xDD "Is it available on the internet?"

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I've never heard "Is it accessible through the internet?!" in such an angry tone as I heard from the clip. Haha! Gosh, gosh, gosh. I can't wait!

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My DVD arrived in the post today, looking forward to reading the comic book and going through the extras tonight.
Aww, Simon, stop making me jealous (the earliest I can get the dvd is next year... and I still have to ~blackmail someone to get it for me)
I won't spoil for it for people, but the (tiny) comic book reads like a fantastic opening act. I can't wait for next year's comic book series.
My DVD came from Amazon UK today, the comic book is included. I second what Simon said about it. :)
Have you found the easter egg yet? I'm still looking. Also the restaurant roundtable feature is well ace.
Not yet. Is it definitely on the R2 DVDs? Loved the roundtable though.
I miss Dollhouse *sniffle*. Can't afford this quite yet, I can't wait!!

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