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"She'll turn you in before you can say ... 'Don't turn me in'."
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October 07 2010

Image of Summer Glau on set for 'Chuck'. Can you say "awww, yay!"?

I'm hoping she says, "Casey is a girl's name" at some point
Awww, yay! Two of my favorites in one place!

BamSaidTheLady, I'm hoping for a dream sequence involving a rag tag group set in a futuristic world where Chinese culture and the old west have melded into perfect harmony.

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She has the cutest smile. Looking forward to this episode.
Bam, Ahhh heck, now I'm going to be disappointed if she doesn't say it.

Nonetheless, shiny idea!
Does anyone else find it a bit strange to see Casey smiling?
@NathanFillion: I love you Summer! Have a blast and look out for that Jayne fella!

It's been said before, and will be said again many times over, but what an awesome group of people.

Oh, and in other distantly related news, I here Summer Glau's new show the Cape (not to be confused with Adam Baldwin's old show the Cape) started filming this week.

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Yeah, I foresee many future trivia contests decided by this: Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau both had roles in The Cape, how often were they on screen together? ;)
Oooh she's dressed as a Buy More Nerd Herd employee... maybe this means she can become a recurring character. **fingers crossed***
I assumed she was a Greta, good only for one episode.
I do so hope Summer Glau's character points out something at the Buy More to Casey, and he sees its reflective surface and says, "Shiny" ...
I assumed she was a Greta, good only for one episode.

Yep, she's a Greta so it's more of a cameo than a role (so far they've had Olivia Munn and Stacy Kiebler as the "character"). Hope she gets something decent to do in the ep and since they've already had at least one Jayne/'Firefly' nod with Casey some sort of reference wouldn't surprise me in the least (a Terminator shout being the other obvious choice).

I love 'Chuck' for its lightness and sense of fun and as a result, IMO it's usually a mistake to read too much into the show but I do wonder if the Gretas are a wee dig at the way some shows have "geek icons" on as guest stars in order to pull in some of that demo. Add the "hot babe" factor and it feels even more like a comment on the SOP in TV-land.

Or they're just guilty of it too. Either way, more Summer on our telly-boxes cannot possibly be A Bad Thing. Fact.
Saje: Don't forget Isaiah Mustafa in Episode 2. He had the Greta nametag on :D
Awww! Yay! I love Chuck, very entertaining show, and it'll be great to see Adam & Summer together again. :)
Don't forget Isaiah Mustafa in Episode 2. He had the Greta nametag on :D

Hah, missed that (which is weird since he's the only Greta so far where there's much hope of me actually noticing the nametag ;). Cheers saintnicster.

Fair enough then, bonus points to 'Chuck' for self-awareness.
And don't forget Bonita Friedericy - who was Cordelia's dress shop boss on "Buffy" and Jasmine's assistant Patience on "Angel" - is a "Chuck" series regular as Gen. Beckman. (I love Bonita Friedericy.)
Thats double cuteness :)

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