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October 07 2010

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA this Sunday. They'll be there as part of some kind of Halo: Reach event. Tickets are only five bucks!

The event is hosted by Paul Sheer (they may mean Scheer, of this year's Streamys), Colton Dunn, and Ian Wolterstorff.

There will be a stand-by line for this show."

That was fast.
So anybody know how many stand-by seats there may be?
Anonymous1 - I wouldn't recommend holding your breath for those stand-by slots. I've been in stand-by for seemingly much smaller shows at UCB and not gotten in. I think it kinda just means that if advanced reserved folks don't show, stand-by'll have a chance at getting in.

Dang. This would've been so cool, too.
Thanks, XanMan.
XanMan~ I have advance reservations for Hubby & I, unfortunately we are unable to make it becasue he now has to work (that's just life at at Nuclear Power Plant! **Sigh**) Send me a PM and I will look into giving you my 2 seats.

Halo Reach is a lot of fun! Actually, Halo anything is fun and if anyone is available to go, they should try and go! You don't need to be a hard core XBOX gamer to enjoy this event.
Spacegirl3200 - First off, thank you so much. That's very kind of you. Secondly, here's where I get to show off my extreme lack of understanding of relatively simple things, like PMing. I literally don't know how to do that here on Whedonesque, so here's what I'm figuring: I have an e-mail account that I rarely use, and so don't much mind if I post it in a public forum, which I'll now do: If we could correspond there, I would love that.

Again, thank you so much. Even if it doesn't end up working out, the idea that you thought to do this is one that warms me.
Not a problem. Always best to pass a ticket on to someone who will enjoy the event rather than waste it. Just sent you a PM & will call UCB as soon as I hear from you.
Come back & post a report here when you can!
Whedonesquers rock.

Yeah! I agree! Whoo-hoo!

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