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December 10 2003

EXCLUSIVE: FIREFLY`s Master and Commander Speaks -- Part One From Cinescape...

Dear Mr Whedon,

I appreciate your efforts to talk up the Firefly DVD to help your attempts to get the movie made. But I gather the Buffy season 5 DVD is out in the States. It would be awfully nice if you actually promoted this as well. Especially as a lot of fans talked regard this season as Buffy's best.

Also your views certain issues regarding season 5 would be appreciated. Namely when did you decide to go for seven seasons instead of five. What was the atmosphere like on set when the move to WB was announced? What was the original ending for season 5 if it was to be the end? The introduction of Dawn, was she really a replacement for Angel? What was going through your mind when you wrote 'The Body'?.

Sorry to be blunt, but there's a lot more Buffy fans in the States than Firefly fans.
Firefly needs more marketing help than Buffy, is all. If he wanted to make a Buffy movie, he'd likely not have too much of a problem. He's got to haul ass to make a Firefly movie. Which means developing this new fandom.

Buffy fans, we get plenty of love.
I agree with Allyson, the Best Buy in the area is pushing S5 big time, with multiple, prominent displays at both the registers and the DVD section; at this point, Buffy pretty much sells itself. Firefly, on the otherhand, well I bet the movie is in some way actually contingent on how well the DVDs sell.
As I said I appreciate his efforts to promote the DVD, I'd just like to read one reasonably sized interview with him about season 5. Be interesting to see what he has to say about it in hindsight.
Buffy schmuffy! I wanna know about the movie!!!
On Buffy S5 was #5 for DVD sales before it came out on Tue. due to the massive pre-orders. Firefly wasn't in the top 20 on there list Monday now it has moved up to #15 for the week as of today. So I guess Joss knows what he needs to do. If Firefly flys off the shelf like Family Guy or Futurama (yeah I know they are animated but hey they are adult oriented animation) did - FOX will be kicking themselves - of course they will be doing this all the way to the bank but they will still be kicking themselves for canceling it.

Joss kinda did answer all but the leaving the WB for UPN question in the Season 5 overview that was done on the S5 DVD.

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Hmmm, gotta agree with Simon that a little bit of a mention would be nice especially with one of the best episodes ever, "The Body" being in that season and the introduction of Dawn and the death of Buffy. Not because it needs it to boost sales but just because Buffy was his first love and his first passion. Being a frequent visitor of Amazon, both Buffy S5 and Firefly have been selling like hotcakes the minute they were listed. He could mention Buffy at the same time that he's promoting Firefly.
B5 DVDs are being promoted on FX, frex ;)

And as I recall, Buffy was going to die at the end of B5 whether it was really the end or just the end at the WB.

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