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October 08 2010

Lots of Whedonverse comic books on the horizon. Buffy Season 9 will bring us two to four monthly books and a Dollhouse mini-series is in the works too.

It's very DC/Marvel and very cool IMO.
I just squealed.

The Dollhouse story continues!

But... why can't we have an on-going Serenity comic, too?

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I can't wait! It's still so long away though. I want to get some more concrete details, like what writers and artists are lined up. But I guess that wont happen till around SDCC next year. :(

J-Mo will be writing the Dollhouse comics right? Has anyone read the DVD comic yet? Who was the artist on it? Was it any good? A plot summary would be cool.
Simon has read the DVD comic..
So have I, it's very good but quite short. Artist is Cliff Richards.
Cliff Richards? Someone call The Young Ones.
I hope I can keep up with it in volumes with the same ease as Season 8. If its just as simple, I'm all for it.
I love you so much for making that refence b!x =)
I stopped breathing for a little while when I saw "Dollhouse mini-series" OH YES PLEASE.
Any Firefly?
There's a Firefly comic coming out next month, called 'A Shepherd's Tale'.
Thank you universe for answering my prayers. Dollhouse will continue!
And also Zack Whedon's "Terminator" stuff.

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More info on Dark Horse's comic plans here:

The main points are:

Dollhouse will take place in the "Epitaph" future from the DVDs

A Spike title will be released in 2011 (doesn't say whether it's a one-shot, mini-series, continuing series or something else).

Some original material from Serenity will be coming out on the USA Today website for the DH:HD project.

Buffy Season 9 will likely start in August, partially to wait for Angel and Spike to come back.

Also, rumors of a Faith title of some sort (and a Tink one shot from The Guild) mentioned here:
Oh my poor wallet T.T

Still, can't wait. Please, PLEASE someone tell me Chen's still going to be running cover duty (preferably for everything, but at least for the main title(s)). If that doesn't happen, I'm gonna...yea, I'm gonna cry.
Expected the Dollhouse comics to be Epitaph-era based. Nothing else would really have made sense. Wonder what it'll consist of.
Yay Spike series, yay Faith series...though seeing everyone spread out is sorta saddening in away, though I'd imagine there's crossovers a-plenty.
Shocked that it'll be starting so early. I thought it wasn't happening till basically the very end of the year. Glad it's not quite so agonizing of a wait.

Also...Serenity on USA Today? wtf?
It may be too early to know whether or not Jo Chen will be coming back. It's possible that she may not know whether or not she wants to return, that DH may not know whether or not they want her to return, or there could be negotiations still to be had. Or they may know already, but just not want to announce it yet.

I agree that Epitaph-era Dollhouse comics make the most sense, but they always could have decided to do a one-shot or short series centered on something/someone else. Untold tales of Whiskey & Alpha or something.
I wanna see lots of Echo in the comics but I understand that she probably won't have much of a place in the story they want to explore with the comics, but I hope they at least put her on the cover like they did on this first comic, since she is the face of Dollhouse and just makes anything she's on look prettier. :P

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Eager to see what they do with the Epitaph comics as well, but I don't think it makes so much sense to decide to place them in the future. Although the condensed Season 2 may've accelerated things to the point where we got to see plot points that may've played out in Season 3 or maybe even 4, had the show been renewed that many times (and this is just guessing on my part, I have no insight into how much we got to see of threads that Joss had really planned for later on in the series' run), there're still a lot of blanks to fill in. I feel pretty sure that, had the show gone on, we likely would've gotten to see the moment when the world turned around (where "present day" Dollhouse may've met up with the beginning of the "Epitaph" situation/post-mass-wiping). "Those who did pick up the phone, and those who didn't pick up the phone". I wanna see that batshit insane moment.

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