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October 08 2010

Another behind-the-scenes clip from the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD. This one is from the "Defining Moments" extra, SFX has a clip too. Related (old?) promotional interviews with Eliza and Joss can be found here and here.

And if you live in the UK, you may have already got your DVD in the post if you pre-ordered.

I love this show so much.
So do I, man-friend.
Does the UK DVD come with the free comic?
Yep. At the moment anyhoo.
I can tell that this is a PAL clip. All the voices are 4% higher pitch than they're supposed to be. They all sound like they're coming down off helium.
This is why I always import DVD's. Can't stand European releases.
"What did I miss?" still makes me laugh out of context and on the wrong camera.
SFX has a clip as well so I added to the entry.
That SFX clip had me all misty eyed. I miss this show so much.
To anyone who has the DVD, are Belle Chose and Instinct in the proper order or are they in the order they aired on TV?
They're in the TV order. (However I suspect that is probably considered the proper order in this case). (Although I prefer Belle Chose over Instinct, myself).
It's a shame though as Instinct is clearly after Belle Chose. Echo taps into the serial killer before she's even been imprinted with him?? :/ She's "awake now and doesn't wanna go back to sleep" but then the next episode she goes back in progress. I wish they switched them around.
I plan to watch them in the proper order. It certainly would have been nice for the disc to be set up in that manner, but I am at a point that I just need this DVD in my hands.

Any comments about the menu screens and overall look of the packaging? Anyone?
Any comments about the menu screens and overall look of the packaging? Anyone?

Cheap and basic. There's no scene selection or a list of what's on each disc. And I still haven't found the easter egg.
That's disappointing, but at least it's something. Is the easter egg limited to the R2 release?
I'm not sure.

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