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October 08 2010

Interview with Vincent Kartheiser. Small mention of Angel in this Vulture interview.

I gotta say it: I love how he answered those two questions. He's wiser than his years!
Is it just me or does it seem like he may really regret being on "Angel" and does not look back on his time on the show as a good experience?
Could have something to do with his character's fan reaction...
I think because of the audience's largely bad reaction to Connor's actions, he had a rough time of it. I can remember when some board postings were not so nice. I'm glad to see him getting good reviews back on a regular basis. He deserves it.
He didn't like Angel. Or something.
My impression is that he's always found it hard to be positive about Angel. His loss.
I enjoyed him on Angel; even more upon a second viewing of the complete series. I liked his acting and I like the writers' handling of his character. If he's disappointed with the experience, I think that's a shame.
Sounded like a dis towards Angel.
He's not into 'genre' stuff, wasn't that it?

Oh, he's doing a scifi thing. Hmm.

I've never read an interview with him that made me think, 'a swell guy'. And I liked Connor.
I know we enjoy the shows WE enjoy, but if you take a step back... as an actor... most actors experience with a show is the charecter they play and that's about it. He's not looking at it as the great ride that Angel S1-S5 was. If all you did was come in and play a charecter most people didn't like, had very little if any progression, and then was abruptly changed so it didn't even feel organic, would you feel satisfied as an actor?

If Rainbow Sun Francks ever lands a role in a major series and someone asks him about his time on SGA, I'm not sure his reaction would be entirely dissimilar.

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Pretty sure him and Charisma hated their storyline in season 4 and subsequent write out of their characters.
double post.

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Another thought (since we're wildly speculating on his non-comment), is he really might not have been ready for the question and that was a panicked, semi-humerous "I don't know."

I mean, he's giving very thoughtful answers to the Mad Men questions and then they transition to Angel, and his memory and headspace might just not be in it anymore. As far as I know he doesn't do cons or anything similar and you have to figure 98% of the questions he gets as an actor at this point are about Mad Men. You might be able to chalk this one up as a "got me!" response.
As diplomatic ways of answering go, that... could have been a little more so. His character was admittedly annoying most of the time though, I can see why he wouldn't have had the fondest memories, as opposed to the more universally beloved characters/actors.

Plus if it weren't for the petulant state his character were left in, he and the writer's wouldn't have had the opportunity to make both of his future appearances mean so much. (Sort of like Charisma's big return in the 100th episode also being so great, there have been some instances where the actor is either unavailable or didn't want to come back.)

Somewhat on the Mad Men track though, Christina Hendricks has been pretty kind with her words towards Firefly and/or its fans right? (And I assume, given that post where those Angel fans ran into him at a bar in his homestate, he's far from a monster towards them.)
Bar in his homestate?
He didn't comment. He doesn't have to comment if he doesn't want to...he's not running for office, and he wasn't rude, either.

He's doing a terrific job as Pete, and I have never heard or read anything that would make me think he's not a decent guy. In fact, I love it that he has picked public transportation as his issue...he seems to know that it is rather silly that people seem to take actors comments seriously on unrelated issues, just because they are well known performers. But no one could find the idea of taking a bus once in a while pretentious. (And, I do think public transport is important. But then, I don't have a car either!)
Azzers, there was some link here earlier to

Also yeah, I thought that whole sub thing was rather charming. (Though there are some areas where public transportation really is not as viable an option if you're not in a metropolitan area. Granted he's in LA which is still not supposed to be an especially friendly city if you don't have a car.
Makes sense that he would have a negative view of Angel. His character was the low-point of that series imo, I know would have a hard time of thinking positively about a show I know most hated me on...

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