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October 08 2010

Download Dark Horse Comics for iOS devices for free this weekend. Includes Serenity: Better Days #1.

Dark Horse is about to launch a new digital initiative this weekend and in order to promote it they are giving away free digital comics for iOS devices.

Here's a link for the press release on Dark Horse Comics' digital plan. It includes releasing comics via iOS as well as through a web browser. Fray & Serenity will be part of the initial launch in January 2011.

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anyone know where to go for this? And do you need an iPhone/iPad or can I just use my computer? [/tech-ignorant]
You do need an iPhone/iPad.

Really hate to be this guy, but can we have the link changed to reflect this? I do think it's a good idea, but, personally, the limitations shouldn't be 'under the cut'.
It also includes the first issue of Fray and the first issue of Zack Whedon's Terminator series.
Sorry for not mentioning iOS in the title.

Here's the link for the Dark Horse press release about their digital initiative. Basically Dark Horse will be selling all of their digital comics via their own custom app on iOS devices, as well as through the web browser for $1.49 each. This will launch in January 2011 with 150 back issues including Jossí Fray and Serenity. Then February 2011, some Dark Horse will be releasing new issues at the same time as print.

Hopefully this will include Buffy for when Season 9 starts up. As someone who buys trades, I would still be willing to buy digital to keep up with individual issues digitally. Not mention, this will reach Buffy fans who don't have easy access to a comic book store.
When is this starting and is it US only? None of the serenity ones were free in the App store
I'll go out on a limb and say Fray is getting turned into an app cause Joss owns the rights to the character. I can't see Buffy gettting sold digitally due to the rights.
I'm in the UK and they available on the App Store now, Ivalaine.
Simon, they won't be a separate apps like they are now, but one Dark Horse app for all the content to go through. Also if the motion Buffy comics is getting made, I can't see why Buffy comics aren't published digitally. Especially as it's a growing market that comic book companies continue to get invest in. We'll have to wait and see.
I hope that they improve upon the ideas of how to present comics as demonstrated by the Marvel app.

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