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October 08 2010

New teen vampire show article mentions Buffy as influence. From the Toronto Star regarding the first live-action show made by Teletoon.


With The Walking Dead coming to AMC, I think it's time for me to switch to Team Zombie. Because, really...The Zombie Apocolypse is way more probable than a Baby Universe Gryphon slipping GHB to super-humans and, um, something to do with a Wonderful Seed that looks like a dyed emu egg.

But seriously - I am loving the end of Buffy Season 8, but, I am loving The Walking Dead more, and any even casual comic book fan NEEDS to be reading this series, and checking out the TV premiere on Halloween on AMC. I can almost guarantee it will rock in a way zombie films never have, ever. (I swear I am a nerd and not an AMC rep)
Oh and the "core four" are not safe. NO ONE IS SAFE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

Plus, Michonne the Zombie Slayer will surely become your new heroine. And Andrea. Wow, Andrea. Damn, those girls kick ass.

Annnd I'm so off topic it hurts. Something about fandom does that to me. Robert Kirkmannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
Anyone else in Canada a little annoyed that Teletoon is gonna be airing live action fare ? That's what YTV (Youth Television) is for, not to mention the Family Channel. Can't we have one station that's just cartoons (I suppose that'd be TeleToon Retro, but you gotta pay extra for that).

Being more practical about it, sure, I'm not tuned into TeleToon that often, just enough to check out the odd Futurama, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy rerun, plus their Friday (I think now Saturday) movies--so what does it affect me if a half hour or two are devoted to live action. Heh, but damn it, it's the principle of the thing.

Re: 5X5B's off topicness, haven't got around to reading The Walking Dead yet (had kinda hoped to read at least a little of it before the TV series airs, but none of the local libraries have it and I'm not prepared to start buying all those volumes), but the feature-style trailer that was shown in theatres was beautiful, very excited for the TV adaptation.

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