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October 09 2010

Top ten Buffy monsters. Who (or what) would feature on your list?

Interesting order, but some really fun choices--even the monsters in the episodes that (by consensus) suck in relation to the rest of Buffy episodes.
Der Kindestod always creeped the hell out of me. And I have a sneaking fondness for most of the MOTW in season one.
Comparing Glory to Adam, Glory was fundamentally invincible, and could have beaten Adam, but Buffy could fight Glory, whereas Adam could basically brush her aside, making him an effectively tougher foe.

The order is the writer's choice, m so won't argue.
Poor Moloch. Never gets any love. *giggles*
Wow this is the worst "best of" list I've ever seen. It seems like this is more a list of gross or creepy monsters (mostly) not really "best."
Well the author does say "Here's my list of the scariest Buffy monsters throughout the series". So yeah creepy. Oh and Zachary Kralik, he was like the creepiest thing in season 3.
Thank you for mentioning Kralik, he'd be right up there in my top two (with Gnarl), and I was surprised he wasn't on the list.

I also think Ted deserves a shout-out, though he wasn't really horribly creepy until they found his past wives.
Xander for leaving Anya at the altar.
It's always going to be Gnarl for me. The Gentlemen were pretty creepifying. But watching someone peel your skin and eat it while you lay there paralyzed does it for me. I couldn't sleep that night after watching that episode. Ick.

And yeah, Xander for leaving Anya at the altar.

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Very season 2 heavy, I always was fond of the Master myself. Plus, Dru of course. And I forget his name, but the "loan shark" from Season 6.
I see your Xander for leaving Anya at the altar and raise you a Spike for trying to rape Buffy. Granted, Xander's actions were probably best for both him and Anya and Spike's actions led to him getting his soul.
Gnarl, Ted, The Mayor (he did know how to down a giant spider). Ah, the Queller Demon - so creepy, it hanging around watching you from the ceiling.
I'd switch numbers 1 and 2. I was (and still am) terrified of the Kindestod. It's the only ep of Buffy I will skip over, which may seem silly, but something about it scares me.
Gnarl is also my favorite, that is just way to spooky and think Jeffrey Dahmer..eek Until I got hooked on Spike, the Passion ep with Angelus was my favorite and the one I watched over and over.
I always thought that the maggot man was pretty creepy.
For scariest i'd say:

#1 Der Kindestod - "Killed by Death"
#2 Gnarl - "Same Time, Same Place"
#3 Queller - "Listening to Fear"
#4 The Gentlemen - "Hush"
#5 The Gentlemen's Minions - "Hush"
#6 The Bringers - Season 3 & 7
#7 Turok-Han - Season 7
#8 Miss French/ Praying Mantis - "Teacher's Pet"
#9 Machida - "Reptile Boy"
#10 Eyghon/Jenny - "The Dark Age"
Good heavens, after this I'm likely to have nightmares tonight.

My scariest?

#1 The Gentlemen (that window float by killed me)
#2 Der Kindestod
#3 Warren
#4 Gnarl
#5 Turok Han
#6 Caleb
#7 Queller
#8 The Bringers
#9 Gentlemen's Minions
#10 The Master

And did anyone else notice how many of the demons are snakes or snakelike? Hmmmm, what's that about?
no cordellia?
Gnarl. Gyah. Definitely the creepiest.

On the other hand, Adam will always be the lamest Big Bad.

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