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October 09 2010

Alyson Hannigan to guest on 'Robot Chicken'. Seth Green confirms the news at the Robot Chicken panel at New York Comic Con.

It's funny, until now, it hadn't occurred to me that she hasn't been on the show yet. It just seemed as if she would have been someone Seth would have wrangled long ago. I wonder if there will be an Oz/Willow sketch? ;)
I sure hope there will!
I think we have Twitter to thank for this "reunion". I don't think SG and AH have really been in contact over the years.
I hope Seth can repay the favour and do a guest stint on HIMYM. Playing the mother.

@syd: They've been friends since they were both very young, IIRC Alyson was actually the reason Seth got the gig on Buffy. It'd be a bit odd if they'd fallen out of contact and it was Twitter of all things that reunited them.
Yes, I'm aware of their connection from long ago, but that was some time ago. They actually haven't been in contact over the last several years, though SG has stayed in touch with other Buffy friends. Don't know if Twitter specifically spurred a reconnection or not, but, either way, the reconnection IS recent.

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