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October 09 2010

'Serenity: Downtime' to be published on the USA Today website. The eight page story, written by Zack Whedon and drawn by Chris Samnee, will be online later on this year.

It'll be interesting to see where the story appears in the 'Verse timeline.

Awesome! I had no idea there was another one coming out!
They're welcome to buy my long dormant six(ish)-pager if they want. ;)
I was blown away by Zack's 'Serenity' script. People who are used to getting 4-page non-sequitur excerpts online, or 1-page gag webcomics, will, I think, be impressed with the depth and the economy of a free 8-page story by a really great team

You had me at "Serenity".

USA Today website. That's good right? More people will see it then just on Dark Horse's myspace page.

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