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October 10 2010

James Marsters receives special gift at New York Comic-Con. For those of you who don't Facebook, here is the YouTube link to the video which explains everything.

And for those of us who don't Facebook (That's a verb?) and can't watch videos because it takes 15 minutes to download on dial-up...where can we find out about this?
Aw, I just love his reaction. So cute.
That's such a cool gift--so appropriate for JM--but also, as he said, supporting theatre when support is waning everywhere.
ShadowQuest, Sorry you can't access the video. I only saw it at Facebook but here is a brief synopsis from YouTube and a link to the RSC Renovation Project for everyone. These ladies spent at the least, 1,200 pounds for his seat. That's real devotion and they are very smart to have thought of it. He was just floored and overwhelmed by their gesture.

James Marsters fans pooled their resources to purchase a seat for the renovation of the Royal Shakespeare Company's theater in Stratford On Avon. They presented a miniature of the seat to him at New York Comic Con.
Ooh, great idea! I'm so glad someone came up with this. Now I'm envisioning a whole row of Whedon alums in the RSC...
They still have seats available for purchase - let me amend that bit by saying I will email the RSC and find out. Maybe an early next year birthday present for ... see my suggestion at the other place under Fan Campaigns.

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That was so sweet. And JM's reaction was adorable.

1200 pounds?? Quite a gift...glad to see its supporting the arts and charity and all that is good in the world.


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