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October 10 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 and Complete Series DVD and Blu-ray out in the UK today. The comic book 'Epitaphs' is included with them. The Season One Blu-ray also comes out today.

I would buy it but I'm not sure if it has subtitles. None of the stores selling it mention them. Anyone know if the back of the box is shown somewhere?
Walkdogger, I'm going to HMV at lunch to pick up a season two set, so I'll look at the box and post here. I'd be surprised if it didn't have subtitles, though.

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I would be grateful for that information, too. I pre-ordered the first season from and was pleasantly surprised to find Swedish subtitles. I had counted on having to buy a later edition as well (for family viewing), because usually the first edition of a TV show only has English subtitles for the hearing impaired.
I got my copy on Friday (sent from Amazon). Unfortunately, I've had a crazy weekend and haven't had a chance to watch the set or read the Epitaphs book. The comic is a bit smaller than I expected (it's maybe a bit larger than A6 size) but looks great and I'm really looking forward to devouring it tomorrow!

I'm at work, so can't check on the subtitle situation. Sorry!
Just saw Gossi's Twitter - looks like only English subtitles...
I think the extras may have subtitles, I swear I saw Norwegian mentioned when I was skimming through the discs on Friday.
ABOUT TIME. Seriously UK DVD people. I have had this on pre-order for almost a year.
So, any word from FOX on that extra commentary track being made separately available for DVD buyers?
OldSwede, not sure where I said that on Twitter. Subtitles are Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English for hearing impaired.

My mini-review - features are great, outtakes are fun... There's a retrospective roundtable lunch with Joss, Alan Tudyk, and various other Dollhouse cast members film after the show got very cancelled. There's also a feature with Joss, Jed etc where they look back on the series, I suspect most of it filmed during the last days of the series.

The comic is on the small end of tiny, but it's a sweet introduction to how the format could work in comics. Actually, reading "Epitaphs", I'm really saddened the show didn't get to go to future world, because it's kind of kick ass. I wish "Vows" had opened with the comic as its teaser, to show the cost of what the show was discussin'.

With regards to the overall DVD packaging and presentation, I'm not really a fan, though. On the complete series packaging the rest of the cast appeared to have disappeared from the front, back, side, and insides of the DVDs. I loves me some Eliza, but - you know - I'm kind of a fan of the rest of the cast too. Inside there's no packaging saying what's on which disk, and the menus aren't animated... Basically, I suspect the budget for the release wasn't very much.

But overall, well worth a buy - the comic is a nice introduction to the forthcoming Dark Horse stuff, and there's some sweet featurettes to remember the show by.

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gossi: I just read on the back of the box, you showed a picture. But I'm glad it was wrong...
Thanks, gossi. I'm gonna order the complete season 1 and 2 from amazon now. Now I can finally see Summer in season 2.
OldSwede - well spotted! The season two DVD says subtitles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English on the box. The complete series says English. Not sure which to believe there.
Any difference between the UK and the US DVDs other than the region? No extras missing in the UK version?
Got my copy on friday. Only seen the first two episodes and commentary on the first. "Vows" was much better than I remembered. The Topher/Whiskey stuff was amazing and the main plot with Jamie Bamber wasn't as mundane as I found it on my first viewing. In fact it was able to really effectively progress the series arc whilst still being self contained. The commentary was okay, but not a classic. Joss talks quite a bit about lighting, which I personally don't find the most thrilling part of production, but it does offer something different.

"Instincts" still wasn't that great, but had its moments. I wasn't that fussed on the third episode when I first saw it either, but I think that was down to Minear expectations, so I hope it improves this time.
Even if it didn't have subtitles, your TV should have closed-captioning.

Side-note, closed captioning was the best way to watch new daytime soaps because it always told you the characters' names.

Close captioning only works if the media supports it, as far as I know. Unless you have a ninja TV.
I might have a ninja TV. Nearly everything I own on DVD has closed captioning I believe.
Re commentaries, I've not listened to the Joss one (I can barely figure out how to change a light bulb, that's my knowledge of lighting) - but I have listened to the Belonging commentary and it's really great. There's little bits of information and insight, but it's never too technical and doesn't get overly heavy.
Who does the Belonging commentary? Surely not Riker?

To be fair to the Vows commentary, it isn't all about lighting (I was exaggerating, he only talks about it in about three scenes.) As you say, there are little bits of insight that are interesting (like the fact Dr. Saunders's melt down was meant to take the full season and not just an episode, that the future stuff was postponed after the network there there was just too much in the original episode - which Joss agreed with,) but I just love it when Joss goes all deep and philosophical with his commentaries and, most of all, when he talks about the writing. There are little tidbits, but I would have liked to have heard more. Dollhouse seems ripe for those kind of discussions, as many of us have had on here, but I found it lacking in this particularly commentary and the few from season one.

Then again, Dollhouse is one of the rare exceptions where the episodes that Joss wrote were not usually the highlights (Man on the Street is great, but not really in the same league as Belonging or Briar Rose or the Epitaphs.)

I've also just read the comic. It definitely is just a teaser, but it does show some promise as to what may come. The ending was particularly great.
Belonging is Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon and Jed Whedon.

Oh, another one to watch out for - deleted scene from Stop Loss is great.
Easter egg? Any sign of yet it?
I just went through the season two DVD piece by piece on a PC, playing all the movie files - doesn't appear to be an easter egg. So I see three options: it's not on any of the new releases, it's on the Blu-Ray, or it's on the complete series.
My copy just shipped from Amazon!
Mine too, so excited!!! :D
My copy just got shipped but the delivery estimate is the 5-29th of November :(

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