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October 11 2010

Nathan Fillion Entreats You: Rise, ye Browncoats. Rise, ye Castillions. RISE! Nathan Fillion tweeted a link to SFX Magazine's Tweets of the Week, in which he entreats Browncoats to rise and campaign on his behalf for the lead role in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

SFX tweeted it may have to get involved as fans must be asking them who it is we should contact. It would be fun to see Nathan in an action role again.

That would be AMAZING. That game is friggin' FANTASTIC!
The plot's intriguing, though more than one person called the script crap at one of the links. Still, I'd love to see NF's face on the big screen again.

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I'm as big a Nathan Fillion fan as anyone, but aside from the obvious appeal of seeing Fillion in a big-budget, theatrical action/adventure movie, as a fan of the games, I can't get behind him in the role. He fits the role better than many, I suppose, but I think there are other actors who fit the role better.
Nathan Drake was based on Mal, so I really hope he gets it. If not, I hope it's an unknown. I'd really hate someone I dislike playing Drake.

Oh, and they better get Greg Edmonson again for the soundtrack.
Right? He looks just like the character, and we know he can pull off the Mal-ness. I think he'd be great!
As much as it'd be great for Nathan to get the role if he really wants it, I'm still iffy on the movie. Naughty Dog themselves aren't fans of the project and I don't think they were entirely consulted when Sony made the deal. Maybe my opinion will change once production advances, but for now I'm not a fan.
Well, he *is* ruggedly handsome, just like Drake.
Here's the thing, the games are quite possible the best Indiana Jones movies since the first Indiana Jones movies. They are phenomonial games with a very cinematic style and incredible storytelling. The second game upped the bar to the point where I had my friends that aren't into games asking if I could play it so they could watch it. Nathan Fillion looks the part and has the same sense of humor, if done right it could really work.

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