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October 11 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray out today in the USA and Canada. The 'Looking Back' and 'Defining Moments' features are well worth watching.

Indeedy. Both are on disc 4. Also worth checking out on 4: outtakes and deleted scene for Stop Loss and Vows (Adair Tishler rocks it). Disc 2 for commentary on Belonging is fun.
When I buy the blu ray, it will be the first time I have ever watched Belonging. My dvr didn't record the episode when it aired and after the cancelation I just decided not to view it which was hard with all the stellar reviews. So at least I still have something new to watch.
Wow, eddy, you're in for a real treat one of the strongest episodes in the entire series.
Blu-Ray is on my Christmas list!
the cheapest I've seen the bluray:
You can also get 10% and free shipping when you sign up for the newsletter.
Will be picking up my copy in about an hour.
Hate to brag...but I pre-ordered and got a Comic-Con version. Can't wait to watch it when it arrives!

My pre-ordered copy should arrive Thursday. I'm looking forward to watching all the extras and the episodes with commentaries this weekend.

What's the difference between comic-con version and the ordinary one?
Inclusion of a comic, as I understand. Then again, I'm a Special/Limited/Collector's Edition...Companion (ya know, instead of whore?).

Hell, I paid 150.00 Canadian for the Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that came with a plastic bust of Capt. John "Soap" MacTavish and a pair of night-vision goggles.

Nothing. I'm pretty sure.
The comic isn't exclusive to the Comic-Con release.
What's the difference between comic-con version and the ordinary one?

There's a lithograph of the comic book cover included with the comin-con version. Both versions include the comic book.
I'm getting the comic-con version one as well. I think we who pre-ordered on FoxConnect also got free shipping?

@BlueEyedBrigadier: I know someone else with Call of Duty night-vision goggles and considering they actually work it might have been worth that money. :P
My Blu-ray copy should be here tomorrow or Thursday from Amazon. Can't wait!!! Did get my Bones S5 Blu-ray in the mail today, though. :)
*sigh* According to Amazon, mine doesn't ship until the 18th. I wants it now!
Does anyone know if the copy on includes the comic book? I don't see any information about it on their website!
I got my preordered copy in the mail today! Any thoughts on the comic?
I just picked up the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD's.In the Dollhouse comic included in the DVD(which is very cool by the way) is an ad for the Buffy Season 8 motion comics on DVD/Blu Ray.

The Buffy Season 8 motion comics come out on DVD/Blu Ray on January 4th(the day before the final issue of Buffy Season 8,issue 40,comes out).The DVD/Blu Ray is going to come with a Buffy comic book and exclusive special features.
I preordered the Comic Con version as well. Hoping it arrives before too long. The order status still says "processing" on the Fox Connect website. Do other fandoms get this antsy when waiting for new releases? :)
@Buffyfanatic It's the first issue of season 8 that will come with the motion comic, isn't it?
I ordered the Comic-Con version as well, and it should be here Thursday at the latest, but I'm wondering if the lithograph has been folded instead of rolled. I hope not, but it is still a nice collector's item regardless.
I'm not sure what issue will be coming with it but I figure it will be a reprint of an already released issue.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2010-10-12 21:31 ]
Is the comic fairly small(not thickness/depth-wise, but in terms of length and width/page size), in order to fit inside the blu-ray case ? Is the comic within the DVD case slightly larger than the blu-rays's version ?
The comic in the DVD case would fit in either one (it's about 4 by 6 inches). I bet it's the same.
Dang xander fan, wish I saw that rate before today. amazon is already processing mine so i can't cancel.
I really wish I had the cash to get this today. Gonna have to wait a few weeks. Poo.
Nevermind, called Amazon and they said to send it back and i'd get a full refund. FoxConnect is the way to go!!
I picked up my Blu-ray at HMV today and am still freaking out over the final panel of the comic.

I was worried for the comic, hearing how small it was. But there aren't generally many panels per page, so the panels and artwork aren't hard to read. The comic itself might be small, but everyone in production knew the size and dimensions they were working with, it seems.

Haven't checked any of the features yet, but I'm just glad to have my copy.
Oh, wow, my copy arrived just now! Didn't expect it today. But I can't look at it until Thursday at the earliest. Darn.
Can somebody confirm that there are French and English subtitles on the dvd ?
@Nico-Angel, it does have those subtitles.

And damn, is it hard to even pop in these DVDs. I wasn't "around" for the end of Angel or Firefly, but the Dollhouse cancellation hurt me like no other TV show has before (and I've been a big fan of many a canceled show.) I teared up when the music came on the disc menu.

Also SPOILERS for the comic:

Ivy makes an appearance...or sorts, and the comic concludes with no real ending, so it seems this is a lead in to things to come.

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just bought it, and viewed the featurettes first. le sigh.
Watching the DVD was such a hard experience, especially the commentaries and features where they talk about their cancellation. It's going to be hard for me to watch this series again without getting emotional.
has anyone managed to find the easter egg(s) on the blu-ray yet?
Oh snap! Just found the easter egg myself on the 3rd disc of the blu-ray. If you go to extras and select 'Looking Back' and click your up button from there the Dollhouse symbol appears in blue and a short funny video of Topher and Adele plays.
Wondering: I got my ComicCon edition of the DVD today from Fox, with the comic bundled inside, of course - but with no discernible lithograph...

Has the litho come with your DVD/Blu-ray orders? Or under separate cover? My packing slip notes that it's the ComicCon edition but makes no mention of the litho, or of another portion of the shipment to come...

I am left to wonder...
Really? Not another mess-up.
i got the blu-ray at comic con too and they ran out before i could get a litho, thank god i won one from @UGOdotcom
Same problem here, I'm doubting it's something that can be easily fixed unfortunately. If that's the case I'm going to demand a partial refund or preferably the current sale price of Dollhouse Season 2 Blu-ray on their website, $33.99

I will ask if it's possibly in another shipment, because when Dollhouse shipped, the email did mention that part of the order shipped but I scrapped that up to the system thinking the 10% discount was an item, since that's the way it applies to the order.

[ edited by sVnsilver on 2010-10-15 05:47 ]
I never got any emails, neither confirmation emails at the times of purchase (as it happened, I ended up making two separate purchases - a DVD for myself, and later a Blu-ray for Lionness) nor a shipping email when the first DVD went out - but calls to Fox had confirmed both of my orders were in the system, so I didn't fret about that part.

When I received my DVD yesterday, it was unaccompanied by the litho, and the packing slip states:

"DESCRIPTION 1 Dollhouse SSN2-WS Comicon"

so they know it's the Comic Special Order, but also states:

"1 carton total"

which is certainly all that arrived, but clearly not all that should have been shipped for this order.

So: I'll just call 'em and post what happens. ; >
QuoterGal, I emailed Fox four days ago about my missing lithograph and have yet to get any sort of response. I hope you've had better luck.

I pre-ordered the Comic-Con edition on the second of August and my packing slip confirms this. I'll call customer service sometime this week.
I called customer service and they told me they'd have the Order Fulfillment Department call me back. Guy was really nice but I never got a call. I'm not sure if he wrote my number down wrong or what.

Unfortunately then the weekend hit, and now I'll try again Mon or Tue.
Ah, yes, order fulfillment/customer service.

When I called, I reached a very pleasant young lady who, after hearing my story, thought it was a job for her supervisor. She said her phone's transfer button hadn't been working well, and took my number & said she'd have the supervisor call me back.

I did not feel encouraged.

Then about three hours later, I actually did get a call back. Unfortunately, I thought, it was from the same woman - with the very same hard-to-understand accent - that I had had to have two calls with the week prior to establish that I even had my two orders in the system.

Apparently the 1st lady didn't speak to the second lady, since I had to explain my issue all over again. After I explained my situation, there was dead silence on the other end of the phone for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only 5-10 seconds.

She told me she didn't know anything about any lithograph or poster, so she would have to call "corporate", as she said. I asked how it was that people had been calling about this, as I knew for a fact, and been told they'd have theirs shipped out next week, but yet she, the alleged supervisor, knew nothing of it.

She said she would have to call corporate.

I was not hopeful... but shortly she did call me back, said they apologized, and that they would ship it out "next week".

We'll see... if you call, ask for Tessie. At least I know she's heard of the litho now.

ETF: typos. Laptop died. Reduced to iPhone for now...

ETA: Just so youse have it handy, the number to call is: 1-877-369-7867

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2010-10-18 18:26 ]
Fox called me back today much to my surprise. And it seems they have the word spread around about this problem and promptly took care of me. They'll be shipping it out soon.

*check mark off the to-do list*

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