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October 12 2010

Yoda was originally named Buffy. Pop-culture revelation of the year?

Makes you wonder what Joss would have called his character had Lucas kept to his guns. Would we have got Martha The Immortal Waitress after all?

That's so funny!
And thanks for linking this other article too, I had never read it! Never knew about Martha! =P
My biggest question to Lucas: "WHY?"

Thank you George for not going that route because, um:

Obi-Wan: You don't know that. Even Buffy cannot see their fate.
Luke: But I can help them! I feel the Force!
Obi-Wan: But you cannot control it! This is a dangerous time for you, when you will be tempted by the Dark Side of the Force.
Buffy: Yes, yes! To Obi-Wan you listen. The cave! Remember your failure at the cave!
Luke: But I've learned so much since then. Master Buffy, I promise to return and finish what I've begun. You have my word.

I have to go get ahold of myself now. Oh, my aching stomach muscles.
I'm trying to rename some shipping names to Yangel and Yuffy. Does this make me some kind of deviant?
"I'm trying to rename some shipping names to Yangel and Yuffy. Does this make me some kind of deviant?"

Nah, but this news does open up some shipping possibilities for "Luffy." Which just sounds so much better than "Buke." Although...Buke...hmm...I can see it now:

A small desert water farm, A BOY wanting to escape his small town roots. His only excitement is racing his land speeder for the TALSAR Circuit (Tatooine Association for Land Speeder Auto Racing). A GIRL, sole heir to the secret training of her forebears, self-sequestered on the complimentary too-much-water planet of Dagobah, but yet somehow still searching the galaxy for the one person to whom she can bequest her ancient knowledge. The two of them brought together by twined fates birthed by previous generations...

Ahem. Yeah, so... thank Force for Yoda.
Hmm. I thought it was Rhonda the Immortal Waitress
Me too. I suspect reality.

...self-sequestered on the complimentary too-much-water planet of Dagobah...

I know right ? What, the Force can't run to a basic irrigation system ?

And there certainly were a lot of ways Empire could've been arse, almost makes me believe in miracles ("Luke, I am not your father, it was totally some other guy" just doesn't have quite the same ring to it for instance).
Does that mean we could have had a show called Yoda:The Vampire Slayer?
LOL! Nobody's written crossover fic yet? I long for Buffy-Yoda speak now.
I'm very curious as to what name our Buffy would have had if Yoda hadn't been called Yoda.
"Me? I'm Yoda...the Vampire Slayer! And you?"

"Aren't you just naturally buff, Yoda? Haha, buff Yoda!"

"The torch I bear is scorching me, and Yoda's laughing, I've no doubt..."
I do wonder too actually. Martha works well as a waitress name in being a bit of a throwback but that doesn't quite go as well for a high school student. The only other names coming to mind that people don't take seriously are Barbie, which probably wouldn't have flown since Mattel was very litigious around then, and Britney/Brittany though I have no idea if that's a Britney Spears issue and she wasn't around in 92 to have kicked it off.

Stephanie? Tiffany? [Two of hearts?] [Malibu] Stacy? Candi? When it comes to girl names that people don't take seriously I mostly get B names or ones that end in Y or I, those all seem like early 90s valley girls. Or they're already established characters like Jem.

Or I dunno, maybe it could have still been Buffy though I wonder if given the cultural heft of the Star Wars franchise that would be the single situation where "you could hear the name Buffy and think, 'This is an important person.'"
I think the interesting thing about the name Buffy is that while it existed before the movie came out (eg. Buffy Sainte-Marie, or the Queen Mother's nickname), by far the vast majority of people who hear the name now will associate it with "...the Vampire Slayer." You really couldn't have that with Tiffany, Stacey, Rhonda, etc.
Yeah, that slight unusualness makes a big difference. If Yoda had been called e.g. Dave (hey, could've happened ;) then you wouldn't have people saying of their mentors "He was my Dave" or "That comment was quite Dave-esque". Same with Buffy and Vampire Slaying.

As to alternatives in general, anything that ends in a 'y' sound is a possibility I reckon cos we don't take those names as seriously (probably cos even when it's an actual name - like Tiffany - we still associate it with diminutives that are more common in children like e.g. Suzie or Billy). Except maybe take out the "stripper names" - Candi, Brandi etc. - cos they have other connotations (we still don't take them seriously but in a different way). Non 'y' names ? Hmm, Amber maybe (verging on "stripper name" territory I suppose) ? Or anything very overtly hippy-ish like e.g. Moon ?

(needless to say BTW, I mean no offence to anyone with any of those names, you may well be an extremely serious, clever, non-stripping person - in the "commercial" sense I mean, i'd hazard a guess that most people take their clothes off at some stage ;), we're just talking about how holders of those names are seen by society at large, not the actual reality of the situation)

I long for Buffy-Yoda speak now.

"Your observiness, keen it is Jessica Fletcher"
The Queen Mother was nicknamed Buffy? By whom? I've never heard that one!
"LOL! Nobody's written crossover fic yet? I long for Buffy-Yoda speak now. "

CURSE YOU, memomegirl! My brain would not let this one go. It was working on it all bloody night! The following is completely her fault:

LUKE: (sighs) Now all I have to do is find this Buffy... if she even exists.

Nervously, he looks around at the foreboding jungle.

LUKE: Still... there's something familiar about this place. I feel like... I don't know...

STRANGE VOICE: Feel like what?

Luke jumps out of his skin. Artoo screeches in terror. The young warrior grabs for his lightsaber as he spins around, looking for the speaker. Mysteriously standing right in front of Luke, is a strange blond girl, not much more than five feet tall. The perky little thing is dressed in stylish, but affordable boots. She motions toward Luke's sword.

LUKE: (looking at the girl) Like we're being watched!

GIRL:What's up with the pretty pointy? I'm not gonna dust you.

After some hesitation, Luke puts away his weapon, although he really doesn't understand why. Artoo watches with interest.

GIRL: So Major Tom, what brings you to the black lagoon?

LUKE: I'm looking for someone.

GIRL: Looking? What am I? Invisible? Sheesh.

The blond girl laughs.

LUKE: (trying to keep from smiling) Right.

GIRL: Well here I is, all helpful girl.

LUKE: I don't think so. I'm looking for a great warrior.

GIRL: Uh huh. A great warrior. (laughs ruefully and shakes her head) Wars only make one dead. Major suckage.

The girl strides over to one of the cases of supplies. She begins to rummage around. Artoo moves to the edge of the case - standing almost eye level to the girl who is ominously handling the supplies and making their triple strength vacuum seals creak under strain- and squeaks his disapproval. Their blond visitor picks up the container of food Luke was eating from and takes a bite.

LUKE: Put that down. Hey! That's my dinner!

The girl spits out the bite she has taken. She makes a face.

GIRL: In what dimension is this even considered food? I think something just died in my mouth.

She flips the container in Luke's direction and reaches into one of Luke's supply cases.

LUKE: Listen, lady, we didn't mean to land in that puddle, and if we could get our ship out, we would, but we can't, so why don't you just...

GIRL: (teasing) Aww, can't get your widdle ship out?

The girl spots something of interest in Luke's case. Luke loses patience and grabs the case away. The girl retains her prize - a tiny power lamp - and examines it with delight.

LUKE: Hey, you could have broken this. Don't do that. Ohhh... you're making a mess. Hey, give me that!

GIRL: (retreating with the lamp) Finders Keepers! Come on guy, doncha know presies are the way to any woman's Girl Friday?

Clutching her treasure, the girl backs away from Luke, drawing closer to Artoo. As Luke and the girl argue, one of Artoo's little arms slowly moves out toward the power lamp, completely unnoticed by the girl.

LUKE: I don't want your help. I want my lamp back. I'll need it to get out of this slimy mudhole.

GIRL: Mudhole? Slimy? Hey, this is mi casa. Rude much!

Artoo grabs hold of the lamp and the two figures are immediately engaged in a tug-of-war over it.

Artoo beeps a few angry, "Give me thats."

GIRL: Ah, ah, ah!

LUKE: Oh, Artoo, let her have it!

GIRL: Pincers off, trash can.

LUKE: Artoo!

GIRL: (she whirls it around on her finger and crows a little) Mine now.

The girl lets go with one hand and pokes Artoo lightly with one finger. Artoo reacts with a startled squeal, and lets go.

GIRL: (girl sticks out her tongue at Artoo)

LUKE: (fed up) Now will you move along, little lady? We're got a lot of work to do.

GIRL: No! No, no! I'm bloated with help here. (laughs) You want to find your friend, don't you?

LUKE: I'm not looking for a friend. I'm looking for a Great Slayer.

GIRL: Oohhh. A Slayer. Buffy. You want Buffy.

LUKE: You know her?

GIRL: Like I know my hair products. (laughs) Yeah, yeah. But we're gonna chow first. Move it or lose it.

With that, the girl saunters out of the clearing, trying to muffle her snickers. Luke stares after her. All he sees is the faint spinning light from the small power lamp moving through the fog. Luke makes his decision and starts after the girl.

GIRL: (in the distance) The night's not getting any younger here.

Artoo, very upset, whistles a blue streak of protest.

LUKE: Stay here and watch after the camp, Artoo.

Artoo beeps even more frantically. But as Luke disappears from view, the worried little droid grows quieter, and utters a soft electronic sigh.

(I feel better now.)
Hah, nice one BreathesStory ;). One thing Buffy will always have over Yoda is a mean saunter, girl could mosey in a way no Jedi master ever will. It's down to chalance I reckon - they just have too much, she's got absolutely non.

The Queen Mother was nicknamed Buffy? By whom? I've never heard that one!

Me neither (but in fairness, we weren't all that close ;) although it apparently was one nickname for her (seemingly quite an intimate one though). She was always the Queen Mum in our house.

(is 'Buffy' actually a nickname for Elizabeth - like a variation on Betty - or was that unique to her I wonder ?)
I always suspected the Queen Mother of being controlled by Frank Oz.

Y'know her Spitting Image isn't that far off.
I disagree with your fundamental premise which seems to imply there're people in the world who aren't controlled by Frank 'The Great and Powerful' Oz.

Other than that, I agree.
Too bad they didn't have camera's rolling for the Miss Piggy prank (end of the article).

In the comments, someone posted a clip of "Pigs in Space" with the Star Wars cross over. Kind of eerie how it ended with the Disney classic "When You Wish Upon a Star", now that Disney owns the Muppets.
I googled Rhonda the immortal waitress (what I belived was Joss' original name) and it returned 139 results. Martha the immortal waitress had 76 hits, so not enough diference to affirm one or another (Could Joss had forgotten it?).
However, the important thing was that she still was a waitress, at some point, and even dying a lot, always returned.
Thanks saje. :) (Why is procrastinatable drivel always so much more fun and enticing than the scheduled drivel?)

"is 'Buffy' actually a nickname for Elizabeth - like a variation on Betty - or was that unique to her I wonder?"

For what it's worth, I went to school with an Elizabeth that went by the name of Buffy. (She was actually a cheerleader too.) I know it's also used as a nickname for Bethany. I'm sensing a theme here...

"I disagree with your fundamental premise which seems to imply there're people in the world who aren't controlled by Frank 'The Great and Powerful' Oz."

I think he needs a new script. Just sayin'.

[ edited by BreathesStory on 2010-10-13 22:08 ]
My daughter once wanted to write a cross-over story with the teenage Obi-Wan from some of her Star Wars paperbooks, Dawn, and her favorite Digimons traped in soem weird holding dimension. I don't think she did it.

Hmm, Obi-Dawn hetslash?

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