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October 12 2010

Understanding Buffy in Season 7. A meta on the character's emotional arc in the final TV season.

From the very first episode to the end, Buffy's struggle is shown in her face. Looking at the season through Buffy's POV, I now find it ironic to criticize the First as an ineffective villain. The First planned to turn Buffy against herself and nearly destroyed her several times by pushing her to a state of reckless desperation.[...] Buffy's descent, her breakdown, comes from hit after hit of being forced to face heartbreaking moral choices as she's torn between her desire to stay close to the people she loves, her desire to keep those she loves alive at whatever cost and her duty to protect the world.

Season 7 is one of my favourite Buffy seasons, I just love the whole atmosphere it has, a lot of fans disliked it, but I am happy NOT being one of them.
It's great to see a well thought out Buffy centric positive character analysis of season 7. It makes me rethink my thoughts about the season and want to re watch it, which is always a good thing.I always felt that Buffy the character and SMG don't get enough props. Thank you.
Thanks for linking, nyrk. Buffy fans and Season 7 fans unite. :)
Count me in! I'm united! I just read the SFX magazine special Whedon issue where they say that most people, even fans, think that Buffy should have ended earlier and that season seven is a great disappointment. Personally, I would have been nothing like the serious fan that I am today without the darker, more adult and more Spikey seasons six and seven.
Beautiful meta Emmie, exellent work.
Beautifully written analysis of season 7 from Buffy's POV. The burdens, the choices Buffy had to go through always made me feel more for her, not otherwise.
Bravo Emmie. Season 7 has always been underrated, IMO.

I especially liked the observation about most S7 eps ending with Buffy either alone (literally, or "standing apart") or with one other person who mattered to her. That's some interesting symbolism.

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