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October 13 2010

(SPOILER) Spike #1 gets released today. As does Angel vs Frankenstein II. Come discuss them both.

Oh, is it? I got it at IDW's NYCC booth three days ago. Have to say - was not terribly impressed. Most of the first five pages is a snark at DH's S8 and at Stephani Meyer's books and it is rather crudely done. A lot of insider jokes too and references to Brian's prior Spike series. Dru is not herself at all. And the amount of kinky devices in her scenes with (Immortal ?) looks like a parody. And I could not figure out what was that about flying Elvises ? Have to say that after Joss' Spike, Bryan's Spike does not sound that good either... And I loved ATF back then.
I'm really looking forward to reading both of these. Just got my notification that they are on the way, so I should get them tomorrow, hopefully !

I have to wait a little more longer, but if I learned anything since I became interested in the comics was to trust my own eyes.
Yay, I'm looking forward to getting copy. :D
I'm sure this was mentioned before, so if so, forgive the redundancy - Does anyone know the regularity of the Spike series? Will it be once a month - or more or less?
It comes out once a month, Brandon.

And Dorotea...there is one reference to season 8. It's a joke, yes, but it's one panel.
Guys...does IDW have this for sale now?
Also do they have a new link for their store because the link I had used to get the earlier comics no longer works for me.
I vaguely remember a possible change to their website and perhaps I will have to re-register, but right now I can't get in.
Thanks for any help.
kathylovespike, it doesn't seem to be on IDW site yet but you can buy it here
Thanks a million Simon.....I wanted to give IDW the business since I got all my After the Fall and Angel series comics there, but it puzzled me that the Spike comic might not be for sale there. Confusing?????
Just picked up my copy of Spike. It was pretty good. Can't wait till next month. Thought the "Twinkle" stuff was very funny.
Awesome, thanks Brian. Looking forward to the series!
Can't wait to pick this up!
Should have my copies of both books this afternoon.
Hi Bryan. Did not want to upset you - maybe it was the 'excitement' of 6 hrs driving to NY from Boston that made me grumpy when I was reading the book. Making Spider write all those Twinkle books was funny... but was it really necessary? It sounded like you are pocking fun at AtF and at S8 at the same time. Sure, many will love it, but for me it was a distraction from the story.
I just read mine, and I quite enjoyed it. Dortea, I can see what you are saying about some of the stuff being a distraction, but I think it helps set the tone for the book and gives us a chance to know the characters a bit. When putting out a #1 like this, I think the writer wants to make sure than any Spike fan could pick up this book and enjoy it, so they have to retread some old stuff. Having Spider write the "Twinkle" books re-introduces us to the character and tells us some of Spike's history without being too repetitive for those who have read the previous books. He also had to tell us about Spike's history with Buffy and then at WRH in just a few panels.

I can't wait to see where this goes. There's potential for a great story. A lot of humor in this issue, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm sure there will be more of a mix in future issues. George had some great stuff. He's so pop culture saavy!
I have my copy of Spike #1(and Angel Vs. Frankenstein II).It was a fun first issue.Loved Beck in it and the ending with Dru.Enjoyed Angel's and Illyria's appearance in the issue too.Also a fun poke at Twilight(the books/films) and a nod/joke to the Buffy #34 sex in the issue too.
Did anyone notice that Beck was born in June of 1989, but is said to be 22? I'm older than her, but I'm still 21... meaning this story takes place after June 2011 and before June 2012. Interesting for time continuity!
@ Valentyn, you gotta wonder if that is an oversight. That would mean that this whole story takes place after Season 8, and I can't imagine that was Brian's intention. I could be totally wrong though!
dorotea: How is the "Twinkle" stuff poking fun at Season Eight and AtF at the same time? All it pokes fun at is "Twilight." Which is timely and, I thought, funny.

And yeah, Season Eight is only referenced/joked about in one panel, so "Most of the first five pages is a snark at DH's S8 and at Stephani Meyer's books and it is rather crudely done" is super hyperbolic.

"A lot of insider jokes too and references to Brian's prior Spike series."

What inside jokes?

"And I could not figure out what was that about flying Elvises?"

Wait, how? It's said in the text that a demon was bringing them together, using them as a sort of body.'

But yeah, to the other person, the timing of Beck's birthday would make her 23. Weird.
I'm assuming the birthdate is not important, but I'm excited to see if the issue is addressed at some later point. The reference to aerial sex also implies that the Spike comic occurs after Season 8.
The Spike comic takes place before season 8 since The aerial sex was just a fun little nod.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2010-10-13 20:59 ]
It's been said that this story will lead into Season 8, so I am assuming that it takes place during Season 8, possibly even during the events of #34 and #35, right before Spike shows up.
It cannot be happening during the S8 time frame because (1) Angel becomes Twilight before Spike returns from his alternative dimension and (2) Spike series are happening before IDW Angel series finale. At least I think so.

patxshand ,

Actually, forming a single body out of multiple entities was a reference to the Vampy Cats monster, I think.

How was making Spider write the Twinkle series poking fun at S8 and AtF ? Because the original book series name is actually ********, and I always considered Spider somewhat a dramatic character - she is a freak and she was abused in AtF.

[ edited by dorotea on 2010-10-13 21:31 ]

Nah. "Swell" wasn't the first, second, or hundredth story to include such a monster. It's been done in comics and sci-fi/fantasy for a long, long time. No way it was referencing the Vampy Cats monster.

And about "Twinkle," you're just looking a bit too deeply into it. Just because "Twilight" and an arc of Season Eight share the same name doesn't mean anything. Brian explicitly parodies Twilight, and it's clear in the text that that section has absolutely nothing to do with Season Eight. To say it does kinda feels like you're projecting.
"TWINKLE" was not a reference to the BUFFY book, it was a reference to TWILIGHT and that's it. Do you guys want to know why it was in there originally? The pay-off is a bit of a spoiler, but I'd be glad to shed some light on why it's there (other than it helped with the exposition I thought was necessary).
Personally, if it's a bit spoilery, I'd prefer if it gets revealed in the book. I haven't seen widespread questions or complaints or misunderstandings about "Twinkle" outside of that one comment, so I don't think it's a biggie.
Do you guys want to know why it was in there originally?

It'd be nice but not at the expense of revealing future plot lines. So I gotta say no. Personally I'm enjoying not being too spoiled for future issues.
Would love to personally, Brian. Maybe hiding it in spoiler tags would be the safest with a few people not being so keen to know. :)
Well, it's not in the book anymore. To be honest, when it went from unlimited series to mini-series, I completely rewrote issue one, but kept the TWINKLE stuff because I thought it was a good set-up for Spike's exposition.

That said, originally, Spike didn't go to Vegas in the first issue (he got there around issue 3). Issue 2 was going to end with John going to a Spider book signing and killing her as a "message" for Spike. Would have been sad end for her, and this way, Spider goes out in a happy place (successful writer!) so in a way I'm glad it was cut.

I should ask IDW if we can put the entire original first issue script in the back of the SPIKE collected.
You should, for sure. Can imagine it'll make an interesting read, albeit non-canon as it'll stand now.
No future spoilers for me please!! I loved the first issue, I thought the 'Twilight' send up was hilarious, but then Brian Lynch's humor always works for me. I'm thrilled to see Betta George back (I adore him) and I'm looking forward to finding out who this guy with Drusilla is (and I thought that she was VERY Drusilla, I had no trouble recognizing her at all).

The art work was gorgeous, it fits the style of Lynch's writing, and it fits Spike's character. It is all one wonderful package in my opinion.

edited to add: oh woe is me, Brian Lynch posted again while I was writing, and now I'm all depressed knowing that we are missing out on so much! I hate that we aren't getting the continuing SPIKE! series were were promised (that is so say that I am crushed and unhappy about it).

[ edited by embers on 2010-10-13 23:30 ]
I am a huge fan of whenever Lynch touches the Angelverse. It's instant gold. I'm a fan.

Seeing Urru's art style back was like breathing air again after some stale smokers breath. And Lynch nails most of the character's dialog on the nose, or ear or just somewhere in the general head area. It's nice.

Having Drusilla back is good because she just upped and ran off in the middle of AtF. So I'm expecting a bit of pay off with her in it. And to be clear, any one want to remind me who the guy sleeping with Drusilla is? I know I should know him. I seem to remember a guy confronting Angel about why he has a soul and not him. Same dude?
Love it so far! I am so depressed that this series is being cut short! Love the humor, as usual with Brian's writing, and looking forward to more. If they decide to do a Spike series over at Dark Horse ( which I think they are, maybe, has that been confirmed?) then I hope they consider having Brian write or guest write if he's interested. I'll enjoy this while it lasts!

On a side note: I Can't wait to see Willow! <3

And I second the opinion that it would be neat to see the original scripts.
I wasn't a fan or Urru's art at all when I started reading after the fall a few years ago, but I'm really enjoying it here! I wonder if it's changed or if I've just gotten used to his style. Hmmm...
Sounds relatively OK. I was going to give up all BA comics for Lent (get it over early) but, maybe I'll start next month.
I've never bought a comic in my life, but I paid REAL money for this.....AND shipping to Australia.

I can offer no greater compliment :)
The character at the end who want's Spike's soul reminded me of Perfect Zheng from Whedon's run on DH Angel, "Long Night' Journey". However in a tweet reply to me Lynch states that it's a new character.
Thanks Kamw30! I hope you enjoy it!
Brian do you know if your Spike mini-series will be released in two trades or one?
I've been looking forward to this series for such a long time and I'm glad to say that it really delivered. Great set-up for the story going forward, funny, warm and witty dialogue from Brian, as ever. I loved Spike's inner-voice commentary - This always makes the story for me and adds imeasurably to the characterization. My favourite line : "Heading for the chewy centre-Problems's always in the heart."
Good to see Beck(looking like Sandy in the last five minutes of Grease !) and George back again.
My only problem is that we have only seven issues more of Brian writing for the Whedonverse and Spike to go.
I was planning on a trip to the comic book shop today after work anyway to check my box, and now I can't wait to get there!! I have enjoyed all of Brian's Spike comics and have no doubt I will love this one as well...just wish it wasn't the last one.
Haven't read it yet Brian....but I'm sure I will love it.
I echo everyone's sentiments and saddness that this will be the last Spike we get from you.
Seriously wish you could 'ghost'...or guest write for DarkHorse if Spike gets a series of his own in S9.

Thanks again for giving us Spike fans something to look forward to even if it is only 8 issues worth of Spikey goodness.
I can't believe I have to wait 3 more months for this! Why are there no comic book shops near me in Italy???

[ edited by YouDriveLikeASpaz on 2010-10-15 17:45 ]
I'm so excited, three comic shoppes in Los Angeles, three sell-outs on the first day. That is pretty spectacular, thanks to all who came by and picked up a copy.
Congrats Brian.....unfortunately I have no comic shops around where I live so I have to get mine online somewhere, but I'm loving all the comments and can't wait to get this.
It was a terrific issue. Great fun, well-written and beautiful to look at. Definitely worth the wait.
The issue was sold out at my comic book show too. I managed to snag the last issue. =)
Just wanted to chime in that I got it today and thought it was great. I hope Brian and Urru get a chance to collaborate with Spike again sometime in the future.
Oh no! I haven't gotten mine yet, I hope it's not sold out completely!
Well, I'm a huge S8 fan, but still enjoyed the mild jabs at it. You only roast the ones you love, right? Also, I LOL'd at all the Twilight jokes. If that makes me easy, so be it.

Again, won't mind leaving Urru behind when Angel & Co. move to Dark Horse. I didn't know that was Druscilla until the guy used her name.

I'm glad I read most of IDW's Spike. It's starting to pay off. It was good see Beta George and Beck again. Overall, I thought it was a good start.
Loved it, Brian. (If anyone reads this - I always get my issues after they fall off the first page.)

Where can I get my Team William t-shirt?
I want a Team William t-shirt, too!

I didn't get my issue and the post already fall off the first page.
I am also a page behind...but wanted to put in my 2 cents...LOVED IT!! Thanks.

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