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October 13 2010

(SPOILER) Nicholas Brendon on Private Practice. He'll play a deranged patient on the show. Big spoilers for the plot arc.

Shonda Rhimes love of all things Buffy shining through again. :)
Major spoilers!
Ugh, Nick's character doesn't sound very likable.
You know what, I'm happy about this. I mean after seeing My Neighbours Secret I was wishing Nicky would get a role that was as far from Xander as possible so people could think of him as an actor and not just Xander... my wish has been granted
Very good point, noway234.

I think Nick is very versatile. Wish I could have seen all the stage performances in L.A. His criminal minds character is loveable and geeky without the spazmocity that is early-Buffy Xander. A few years back he did that silly SyFy fire monster movie and was able to bring a very strong and likeable presence to his everyday Joe. He's the only reason I was able to stay awake while watching it. Guess I'm going to have to start watching Private Practice.

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While the role isn't pleasent at all, I'm actually glad it's dark. Nick does so well as an evil/jerk/dark character = see The Pack, The Wish and Entropy. Seems that so many fans forget that about him and only see him as lovable and funny. I hope he gets more dark and serious roles in the future.

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