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October 13 2010

"Red: Werewolf Hunter" preview starring Felicia Day. Felicia just linked a new preview for her upcoming SyFy film.

Aw, man. I thought for a brief second she was in the new movie with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Miren, Malcovich, and Mary Louise Parker.
I've added the full title to avoid any further potential confusion.
Sorry for being lazy, but any idea when this will air?
It airs 10/30. Wolf effects look a 'lil cheesy, but that's OK, I can live with some cheesy werewolves.
The concept has potential. The music, though...kind of takes me out of it, but I can deal. :-)
Was anyone else waiting for butchers to show up?
lol. re: butchers

I just can't wait to see Felicia kicking ass again.
This could have had all the potential to be a Buffy spoof, but of course, SyFy can't even spell its own name right.
Thanks Jelly. Saw a mini-review in EW's "What to Watch" (or some such section). It got a C.

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