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October 14 2010

LA Times interview Remains music video director Anton King, talks about Dollhouse. The music video, shot by King, Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj for fans is currently number 9 on Youtube charts. Additional writes up at io9, Wired, SFX Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and the New York Post.

Great article. :)
Thanks for the interview hookup, gossi. I think the SFX link might be at instead, though.

I didn't realize/must've missed that Mo also sang the song! What a babe.
Woopies! Fixed the SFX link archon, thanks.
Cool read(s).

I just realised that with her double-barrelled surname Maurissa fulfills one of THE major criteria for geek icon-hood. You can express her name as a Three Letter Abbreviation (MTW).

(oh and the 'Wired' write-up has spoilers if you're only about 2 minutes 10 into the video)
I went into the shops on release day and couldn't find the BD, so I still haven't got it so I didn't realise until now that the video doesn't appear on the release. That makes me a little bit sad.
It wasn't paid for by Fox, Jaymii. They made it for fans themselves.
That sums me up, right there. I didn't even consider the logistics of the thing.

[ edited by Jaymii on 2010-10-14 18:10 ]
I'm so glad they are getting so much press. I LOVE the video. Does anyone know if it will be for sale on itunes?

Now I can't wait for the videos they make for "History of Forgotten Things." IF they make them, I suppose. Make them PLeasE?
MTW FTW, and Fran also.

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