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October 14 2010

Zach O creates a Beast of a Cake. This Whedon fan/baker made an amazing cake in the form of "The Beast" from Angel.

I thought it was too cool not to share.

Holy crap! I wouldn't even want to cut that up. But it does look really tasty.
Wow, that's a great job. Kudos to the baker.
I don't think I *could* eat that. It looks so dire. But: awesome.

Wouldn't you have to cut it with a knife made from the Beast's own bones?
I love seeing stuff like this! Well done!
My jaw actually dropped when I saw the picture of the cake. Wow!
Very cool. When the baker talks about airbrushing it, would they have used some kind of food coloring-style paint ? Edible paint ? So that the cake is, in addition to being a work of art, also still consumable ?
I want to eat it.
When the baker talks about airbrushing it, would they have used some kind of food coloring-style paint?"

Yep. They make special airbrushes and edible paints just for cakes/food. They also make special edible inks and printable edible icing sheets for some regular printers. (Canon printers seem to be favorites.)

Most cake competitions specify that the cake needs to be 100% edible, although a few do allow for things like lift supports and add-ons such as fountains as a small percentage of the cake. This person was apparently going with the 100% edible rule since they used rice crispy treats as their supports.

I want to eat it.

Well, eating the flesh of one's enemy to gain their strength is a time honored tradition... I say, go for it!
This needs to be re-enacted as a how-to (or not!) video. The result is lovely; the journey there most arduous.

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