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October 14 2010

The Many Faces of Shepherd Book. Is a teaser image for The Shepherd's Tale, and claims it comes on October 27. Wasn't it coming in December? (I don't think we've seen this picture before, but I could be wrong.)

October 27! I thought it was coming out late November. Awesome.
That is awesome. I can't wait for this! I'm digging the style too.
So excited - do I have to say awesome as well? ....
OK, awesome!
I thought the release date was November 24. But I just searched the Dark Horse site and it says October 27. So Hooray!
Amazon still says December. Heh.
AWEsome. As well.

Nah just kiddin', I'm stoked.
Oh wow. If any Mutant Enemy-related comic book project was gonna have its release date pushed up, this is the one I would've wished for the most. Yay! (I don't "yay", but yay!)

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