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December 11 2003

Steve DeKnight Pens New Superhero Action Comedy Angel writer to script new TNT movie vehicle for CSI's William Petersen.

Anyone here subscribe to variety that might be able to post the Steven DeKnight part of the article :)
"High Horse Films, the production shingle of "CSI" star and co-exec producer William Petersen, has pacted with TNT to develop an original movie based on the James Ellroy bestseller "Clandestine."

Petersen and Chvatal are also developing a superhero action comedy feature with scribe Steve DeKnight ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel") that will serve as a potential starring vehicle for Petersen.
You can usually force google news to give you more info on subscription related articles by doing this.

But note how this page says that "no further details were revealed at this time".
You can also search for it with Yahoo and clicked on the "Cached" version, which also handily highlights your search terms.

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