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October 14 2010

(SPOILER) Preview for Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale. This looks like it could be the best 'Verse comic book to date.

Oh that looks so good!
It really does, doesn't it? I was not expecting to see that opening, it was very powerful.
Every single page of that preview was better than the entirety of "Floating Out"....

The art was decent, and the voices sounded true. I'm very excited for this....
mbeauparland I'd agree. It seemed like the only point of Floating Out was the last panel
Floating Out was, uhm, kinda lame for me. This = step up. To the streets. And across the motorway.
The writing was really great, (jeez, a Whedon who knows how to write. Who'da thunk it?). Did not expect to see that opening either, not in a preview anyway. The art was... different to what I expected. Don't know whether that's a good thing or not.

So excited for this.
I love how, as I read through this, I could visualize the body language and even hear in my head what the inflections of the actors' voices would be as if this had been filmed.

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Agree that this is already better than Floating Out. The only thing I liked about that oneshot was the art and Zoe's big reveal.

I did not expect this to include what it did... Book had always been one of my lesser favorites in the show, but this comic may change that. Amazing writing and art. Cannot wait to read more.
I love this. One of the things that I loved about Firefly was how each character had a particular way of speaking- Book's dialogue would have delivered news differently than Kaylee's or Mal's. This nails that. I can hear the voices perfectly in my head, and I cannot wait to see the rest of it.
I have't checked "Floating Out" yet... and I'll probably have to wait until next year to buy this one too... but super excited for it!

Can we have Zack writing all Whedon comics from now on??? Pretty please?
Well, Zack also wrote the short one that will be on USA Today.
Wow. That looks SO AWESOME. Can't wait. I really liked the art. The River panel was priceless. Also, the first scene was fantastic. Once I realized what was happening, it actually really affected me to see Book in his final moments.

I thought that comic was called "Float Out," not "Floating Out." Am I completely wrong?
This looks excellent. I've been indifferent to all the Serenity comics so far, but I'm actually excited for this now.
Totally got the voices right. This preview has me intrigued/hooked in a way that most of the various Whedon-y comics don't usually do (with some exceptions.)

I am genuinely looking forward to this - which is no small feat...

ETF: Grrrrrr - typo.

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Wow. That really nailed the characters voices. Plus, it's already an emotion filled ride. Can't wait for this. I agree with Simon: this might just be the best 'Verse comic book to date.
"No offense, Jelly Brain." had me in peels. I can't wait for this! It's been a long time coming, and it definitely looks like it'll be worth the wait.
Love the art, it's like a mix of Moline and Mooney.
In a few panels, The Shepherd's Tale won me over completely. I love my tv shows, and I love books. Comic books -- nah. I've never even been able to get into Buffy S 8 because of its format, despite it being canon and written by "the real" writers. The Shepherd's Tale might actually change all this -- it completely knocked me off my chair. I'm just watching Out of Gas as I type, and the accuracy of phrasing and voice -- I hear the characters' tone of voice in every sentence. So impressed. And oddly sentimental -- it's so good to see them again.
This preview was a brilliant idea. The initial sketches had me a bit skeptical of the design compared to the other Serenity comics, but I actually love how the preview looks for this narrative with the warm colors and more freely flowing lines.

Zack Whedon's rendition of their inflections and speech mannerisms was almost literally jaw-dropping for me. I could completely hear Ron Glass speaking as Book, and the same for the rest of the characters! I'm thrilled about this release now, and after a few panels when I realized the timeframe for the opening... whoo... =\

The only line that didn't quite feel natural was the "None taken" line, since I would have imagined something more random, but overall, brilliant! It IS good to hear them again! To those who said the main interest in "Float Out" was the surprise reveal at the end--I have to sort of agree. But if that jump-started the franchise again a little, I'll take it.

I have to track down a comic store and see if "The Shepherd's Tale" can be pre-ordered, say, tomorrow or something. I can't wait for the release now!
I've waited for this since the first tiny rumor. More good 'Verse will make me sad, though. But I can't resist! I have it on pre-order from TFAW.
can I just say... FINALLY! This is one of the stories I wanted since the first time I watched Serenity (the pilot).
Really looking forward to this!
Pre-ordered on Amazon!
Yeah, no more of these guys and gals that barely get, or fail to get Joss' inventions right. Zack seems to know, way, way better. Thus far.

Most certainly a purchase. I will also try out Zack's Terminator.

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This looks good. None of the Serenity comics before this have even felt remotely like the show/movie, but this seems to be hitting the spot.
Wow that's really nice. Very much looking forward to reading the rest.

My only quibble is how is he that calm during the voiceover after he's been shot?! He's part robot isn't he. Built by the Alliance before they figured out how to program child geniuses. It all makes sense now.
The preview looks really great! The only thing I felt was really off was the information that Serenity the movie takes place TWO YEARS after Firefly (which is incompatible with Mal's assertion from Serenity that Simon and River have been on Serenity for eight months).
The drawing and inking looks great. Can't wait!
Heh, yeah Kernel I was gonna say...timeline doesn't add up. Oh well, I can ignore that info box in the comic. Or maybe I should ignore that one line of Mal's in the film, instead ? Did Mal really say "eight months" in the film ? That doesn't leave much time for a lot of stuff to happen. In "Trash", Mal says they encountered Saffron (in "Our Mrs. Reynolds") about half a year ago. That doesn't leave much wiggle room, within an eigth month time from "Serenity" the pilot to "Serenity" the movie. Train Job, Bushwacked, Shindig, and Safe have to have room to take place before Our Mrs. Reynolds, then The Message, Heart of Gold, and Objects in Space have to happen after Trash. Plus the "Those Left Behind" comic (tying up the Blue Hand Men) and, since it was shown that he started tracking them immediately after the Blue Hand Men were killed, it kinda makes sense for The Operative to kick off the film's part of the story soon after.

It could fit within eight months, though that doesn't leave much time for travel (those planets and moons must be really close together--which yes, I know space fans, is probably impossible and has yet to be witnessed in the real universe). The two year model would work better. It gives more time before the film in which to tell Wash-including stories, which most of the comics seem to keep wanting to do (or maybe are forced to do, if Joss has asked that post-movie be left alone, aside from Patton Oswalt's approved bit). Though, as we see in the comic, you can't have Inara hanging around much longer after "Objects in Space" and Book's gotta be booted off eventually as well, so he can get established on Haven.

Ah, oh well, whatever.

Excellent preview. Like others, didn't expect that opening (didn't expect it to touch on the movie at all, to be honest). Very powerful opening, doesn't cheapen what went down in the film (IMO, adds to it nicely). I suspect we'll be getting flashbacks within flashbacks, regressing with Book from his time of dying, getting younger and younger.

The art is perfectly fitting.
It is'nt so hard for this to "be the best 'Verse comic book to date", since only Better days was good.
Looks like Book's voice is really spot on, what makes me wonder more about his past, that I alawyas thought to be as a formaer militar (Maybe general) from Alliance.
They can always fix that error in subsequent printings or later editions, should Joss feel entirely bothered by it. ;-)
In "Trash" Mal makes mention of Yosaffbridge having "married" him six months before, so I've always found the "eight months" quote from the film to be waaaay off. Joss messed up his own canon and timeline when he let that line go into the BDM.

Letting there be a minimum 2-year span between the Firefly episodes we know and the events in the film can open up a HUGE space for new "Serenity" stories and/or comics. Novels, per-maybe-haps? That would be very Shiny indeed!
The eight months thing has never worked. There were countless gnashings of teeth and rendings of garments at the time over it.

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