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October 14 2010

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall reveals Jenny Frison's cover for Spike #5. A very special guest star shares the cover with Spike.

Some of the recent developments at IDW and DH have me really interested in the Spike and Angel franchises. Bringing one of my favourite characters to an issue certainly helps, too. I think, once Season 8 wraps up, I'll take some time to catch myself up on the IDW verse.
That is very sexy.

I like it
Beautiful cover on top.
Amazing Cover.I think I'll be getting both covers for Spike #5.
Interesting that Willow seems to have the same soul-glowing-hand that the demon at the end of Season 6 had...
Thought the same exact thing, Trunks.
Interesting that Willow seems to have the same soul-glowing-hand that the demon at the end of Season 6 had...

The frog was glowing also...
Does the Frison cover remind anyone of Chen's Willow one-shot cover? I mean, yeah, Willow's not naked on this one, but the billowy material of her dress kinda looked like that utterly random red shawl thing on the Chen cover.
Color scheme seems similar too.
It does, but then green tends to show up a lot with red hair. It wasn't exactly groundbreaking when it was in the one-shot either. And I think "billowy" tends to be assocated with robes (and wind) which in turn tends to end up on witches and wizards all the time. Not sure why it's always windy around them, but it is.

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Sorry to seem ignorant, is Willow an attendant or the bride on the second one?

First one is fine!
Think both covers are outstanding - Mr. Runge's rendering of Spike has such a great expression, makes me feel like I was watching this on TV - Goodness, how I miss my Buffyverse TV night. Jenny Frisson's - so elegant and powerful. It does remind me of the Jo Chen cover and Spike is depicted with such power - love the treatment of his eyes and the way she did Willow's "magic hand" not actually touching.
I love both covers. The Jenny Frison one is very mysterious and very Willow at the same time.
God that Jenny cover is simply superb! Really, really eye catching and very beautifully done. :D
Not fair! I never buy two issues of the same comic - but how can I decide with two great covers?
Point that Willow has the glowy hand of the demon in Grave. So is Willow in town to restore Spike's soul completely, ala Orpheus? I'm not closely following this series but that's what jumped out at me.
@Kamw30 - I remember reading somewhere that she was the Maid of honor.
That was just in a comment on another thread here. She looks a heck of a lot like the bride to me, what with the flowers and the white dress.
I never buy two issues of the same comic - but how can I decide with two great covers?

Do what I do. Buy one issue and then buy the trade.
Man. And I thought no one would ever top Jo Chen as my favorite cover artist.
@azzers: I wasn't insinuating that Chen's was more original or groundbreaking. Just musing about the similarity of the two covers. :)
But Simon, the issue is in the trade. Not helpy. ;)
Well, you could always just print out the hi-res image of the cover you don't buy, and store that in a catalog...
I have individual digital folders for all of S8, where I keep covers and previews and other miscellaneous items relating to a particular issue (Q&A back-ups, reviews, etc).
Hm, that's a thought, wexina. :)
That first cover is the really beautiful. Stunning.
But Simon, the issue is in the trade. Not helpy. ;)

But don't they show all the covers at the back of the trade?

And for someone who has a better memory that me, didn't IDW bring out at one stage a comic book that collected all the covers from all the Angel mini-series? If so a second collection would go down a treat.
Simon- It was a collection of the "After the Fall" covers until a certain point. Super nice comic, glossy cover, good pages.
I think there's was a cover collection, maybe a TPB, for all the Curse covers as well.
Heh, I just got amused by when I thought about Witch/Wizard covers of the non-old variety, how often I see something similar.

It's common because it's effective. :)
SKYTTE: Really? I never heard of it, but I want it now!
I had forgotten about the After The Fall cover collection, I did some digging, there were separate collections done for Angel: The Curse and Old Friends as well.

I would love to see a coffee table book that has all the IDW Angelverse covers. A lot of them are exceptionally amazing.
Amazing, gorgeous covers.
Great cover, surprisingly sexual to the point of... fanservicey? I'm surprised there's not a stronger reaction to Willow being portrayed as getting both her hetero-grope on as well as marrying Spike, even if it is clearly (well, presumably) not a literal representation of anything in the story.
Yeah, I was hesitant whether to make an issue of the heterosexin' Willow seems to be doing in the covers, King of Cretins. It does somewhat bother me, considering IDW's track record with women-as-sex-objects (I'm thinking particularly the bimbo squad in AtF, not having read the later stuff). The covers are wonderful, but how would Willow feel about them?
Well, if it helps IDW with their supposed track record, Willow certainly looks like she runs Spike pretty thoroughly in the "relationship" that exists in "coverspace". And, for that matter, I don't personally care about the heterosexin', as you say, but it is the sort of thing that offends.
The Frison cover is a bit unWillow-y, since she seems "un-lesbian" (not on the Runge cover though, that could just be a fun idea, maybe it even shows a part of the story when Spike & Willow gets married as a part of a plan), but I'm getting so used to out of character-ness on the covers that it doesn't bother me. It's not like posing come natural to the characters either, and they do that all the time, on the Frison one here too. (come to think of it, it's more weird that Willow poses than touches a half-naked guy).

It's nice to see covers that makes you say "That is the essence of the character/story", but one might as well give in and enjoy the art and not think about it. It is a awesome cover after all.

It does help with "buying" the covers, that I believe Willow's sexuality if fluid and that I used to read Spillow-fanfics as if it were the Bible to the Pope. I was so very happy to see the Runge cover for the first time. I hope there's a funny story in issue 5 where Willow & Spike gets married. The Frison cover is lovely as well (but that's not suppose to be Willow's ass, right? Very inaccurate in that case).
I think the het thing would be kind of annoying if it was WIllow with her hand on some random buff man's bare chest. BUT this is Willow and Spike we're talking about here. We all know there isn't any weird sexual tension there, or even room for that to happen (unless you're in the fanfic-zone). I think they are both really dynamic and awesome representations of the characters.
Well, a Spike/Willow wedding, ruse or not, would certainly put an amusing new twist on her reaction to seeing him at the end of #35. "Oh, this is gonna be good." = "Hubby's here!"
@ Taaroko

If she wasn't dating Kennedy, I would sooo be hoping for that.
Spike and Willow do not get married.

That said, the characters are so fun to write together that I really wanna do a WILLOW/SPIKE series.
The idea of Spike/Willow is so illogical to me that my little crackfic situation up there mostly just makes me laugh. A lot. (A reaction possibly facilitated by my deep dislike of Willow/Kennedy and my tendency to become very interested in something else whenever their scenes take place.) The interactions between Spike and Drusilla are what have me interested in these particular comics.
OH, Taaroko, can I just say that the issue where Spike and Dru interact for the first time in a long time was so much fun to write it could have been forty pages? I think, if you're into the book to see what happens with them, you're not gonna be disappointed.
Spike and Willow have been steeped in sexual tension since "Lover's Walk"! You can't interfere with their love, Brian Lynch! KHAAAAAN!
OH, Taaroko, can I just say that the issue where Spike and Dru interact for the first time in a long time was so much fun to write it could have been forty pages? I think, if you're into the book to see what happens with them, you're not gonna be disappointed.

Ehee! *happy dance* I was always sad about how little Drusilla was used on the shows, so this is beyond awesome.
I'm kidding of course, Spike is actually going to marry Willow. Only, in a weird editorial mix-up, it's Willow Ufgood.

"The power to control the universe rests in which finger?"


Spike holding up the obscene gesture from "Hush"
Y'know, Brian, given that Dark Horse are planning solo books for both Spike and Willow during season 9, it would be pretty easy to arrange a crossover storyline for the two characters at that point. Especially if the writer of one of the two books happened to already want to do it. Just sayin'. ;)

Slightly less subtle note to Scott Allie: Hire Brian Lynch!
KingofCretins for the win!

Now I wanna do the Spike/Ufgood series, just to have that exchange. Welcome, new co-writer!
This one time, in Vegas, I stuck a...

Wrong franchise website.
And gossi, for the other win!
Is it bad that I just had to Google to find out who Willow Ufgood was?
Y'know, there is a very Madmartigan quality to Spike now that I think about it. "There's a peck with an acorn pointed at me!" plays coming from Spike (naturally, he'd have to be shirtless in that cage, because it's not a story until Spike is shirtless and imprisoned by the First/The Guy Who Looks Like Brad Dourif/Fetching-yet-oddly-anemone-covered-villainess-whose-name-escapes-me). "Concentrate, Willow" at the prospect of a beautiful witch (hey... hey!) appearing plays from Spike.

And, AND... he falls in love with a redhead and marries her in real life!

I see what you did there, Brian Lynch. I've broken the code!
I had to do that too, Highlander, and then I felt dumb for not getting it immediately.
Spike and Willow are my absolute favorite characters in the Buffyverse( actually, they're pretty much my favorite characters EVER), so there really are no words for how excited I am for this issue! I always thought it would be awesome to see them interact more.

Two gorgeous covers, I think I'll be getting the wedding one. Can't wait!
Stunning covers! I'll definitely check this issue out. I haven't been keeping up with the IDW comics lately, for some reason, but I really enjoyed the issues that I've read. I've been a longtime fan of Fables, so I'm surprised at myself for not getting the Bill Willingham issues. These covers are calling to me to catch up on the IDW comics...
It looks like the horrid Vegas ETA ("Elvis Tribute Artist") is wearing the Burning Love jumpsuit from 1972, as can be seen in Elvis on Tour. [/Elvis fan off]

Spike and Willow, huh? I always thought that Spike's near come-on to Willow in Lover's Walk, broken bottle included, was one of his sexiest moments. "...Fuzzy pink number with the lilac underneath." indeed. LOL.

Lovely art.

You mean the scene when it seemed like he was about to rape her?

Okay, I admit, it's open to interpretation, and it took me several viewings before I realized he might be about to rape her, but still, brrrr.

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I always thought Riley and Willow had good chemistry. And Willow and Fred.

And Spike and everyone (even the crypt door.)

Okay, maybe it all does make sense. :)

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Hm...Season 9....WillowXIllyria? God, that's just a haunting idea.
Lynch for Spike + Willow series in season 9 DARK HORSE. Get it done.
I'm kidding of course, Spike is actually going to marry Willow. Only, in a weird editorial mix-up, it's Willow Ufgood.

Nooo, our Willow is so much better than Ufgood LOL

I truly hope this issue will clear Willow's sexuality for good. I always thought she is fluid when it comes to it.

Spike and Willow are my favourite characters (with Angel(us)) so you have no idea how much happy this issue is going to make me happy!
I don't think any further clarification on Willow's sexuality is needed. If she's identifying as gay, she's gay.
She can turn Spike into a woman.
The scene with Spike trying to bite Willow has always been a favorite of mine and I also enjoyed when Willow was consoling Spike when he was whining about Dru. I always wished there was more interaction between them, so I am really excited about their pairing together. Great stuff!!
If she's identifying as gay, she's gay.

To be exact she says "gay now." giving her sexuality an exact timing... she was deeply in love with Oz before Tara, and all my gay friends always said me, that you can have hetero relationships but don't really fell in love if you are gay, so I wouldn't be so sure about her sexuality.
Funny you should say that, rua1412. I have a few gay friends who also happen to be Buffy fans, and I can recall at least two of them saying something along those lines as well. That Willow, as shown on the show, is more likely to be bisexual, than simply outright gay.

I suppose I can see why that is. Her feelings for both Xander and Oz were intense. Not just going through the motions of wanting a 'normal' relationship, as many people do before finding the nerve to come out. I absolutely believe that Willow is capable of sexually desiring and falling in love with both men and women. I just think her preference is to be with girls. Can't say I blame her. Mine too! ;)

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