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October 15 2010

Angel: The John Byrne Collection announced for next year. According to the description, the hardcover "includes the two-part Angel vs. Frankenstein, the four-part Blood and Trenches, as well as the four-page Lorne story Byrne illustrated in After the Fall: First Night".

Ahhhhh, can't wait for this. I do wish "Lorne: Music of the Spheres" was in it.
Isn't Music of the Spheres meant to be in this, though? Chris Ryall said in the post-AngelmovingbacktoDarkHorsegate FAQ that it would be part of it.

Sulfur: Will the one-shot issues (ie Byrne's Lorne tribute and Frankenstein issues) be collected in TPBs or HCs by the end of your run on things?

Yep, they will, it'll include those and his Blood & Trenches miniseries.

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