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October 15 2010

Newsarama Interviews Scott Allie About The End Of Buffy Season 8. I don't think this needs a spoiler warning.There's nothing really new revealed.It's more about the process of Scott co-writing with Joss on the last arc.

Self-promotion: note the photo of Scott and Joss, taken by me. But you can't tell that because Newsarama failed to provide the required photo credit. Off to poke some people by email. Being fixed by the magic of Twitter.

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"We have a lot of work to do. We're wreaking havoc on these characters in this book, and we'll need some serious planning to put it back together."

Oh, there will be a field day with that comment. Just you wait. :P
Yeah, at least he admits it... not to appear any more disgruntled, but they are also wrecking the mythology- look they killed Kenny, again! - all for the sake of having some fun with the fandom. The problem is, however, that it gets harder and harder to stay connected with the characters for some reason...
Poor Thricewise killings. ;)
I don't think he's admitting what you want him to be admitting there. He's not saying they've effed up the characters. He's saying they're putting them through hell.
Pretty much what b!X said.

I'm starting to think that it might be better for Scott to take a vow of silence for the next few months, at least until season 8 is done and dusted. Because right now everything he says, no matter how it was intended, is being picked at and pulled apart until every comment amounts to "I hate Whedon fans and will destroy all that is good and proper about the Buffyverse".

Doesn't seem particularly fair to me.
I'm continuing to be impressed with how Scott is handling himself in these interviews. I think he's not always been entirely cognizant of how he would sound to the crazy, lovable rascals we are in Fandom At Large, but he's getting better at dealing with, er, us. I was hesitant about his co-writing the final arc like whoa, but 37 pretty much won me over. I feel like what will happen will be controversial and upset a lot of people (possibly including me), but not in ways that are Scott's responsibility alone.
I've found it pretty funny that so many people had doubts about Scott's capacity to "understand" the characters, given he's been involved with Buffy for longer and more consistently than most of the show's writing staff.

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