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October 15 2010

Neil Patrick Harris welcomes twins. Congratulations to our favourite member of the Evil League of Evil on the birth of Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.

Congratulations to Neil and David! Twins are hard, they are in for a lot of work and very little sleep <3.
The link just popped up at Facebook so I came over to check it out. Wow, I'm really choked up, happy for Neil and David.
Naturally, Barney Stinson was suited up for the event!

This is indeed quite awesome for Neil and David! Congrats to both of them \o/
Congratulation Neil and David!
Congratulations to Neil and David!
This is so great! Now Gideon and Harper can go play with Satyana. xD
Congratulations Neil and David! And a welcome to Gideon and Harper!
Congratulations Neil and David!
Aww, congrats! Twice!
Yay! This makes me happy. Congratulations to the four of them.
Awwww. Big congrats to Neil! So happy for those two! And I love the names they chose. Sooo sweet. I wish the family all the best with their new little bundles of joy! :)
Double gratz, guys!
Congratulations! I'm so happy for the both of them and their little ones.
That's awesome, congrats :D
Rock on NPH!
Congrats on the kids! Best of luck!
Awesome!! Congratulations you two! Your babies are very lucky to have such great dads :)
Congratulations, that's great news!
Awesome awesome news.
Yay! That's so great.

But also: wow, TWINS. Good luck keeping up with the diapers, guys :)
Cheers! Congratulations, Daddies! Wonderful news - so, a boy and a girl, I take it? More details, please!
Congratulations, Neil and David! It couldn't happen to two nicer people!
Lovely. Big congrats to the happy (soon to be sleep deprived ;) couple.
There's sure to be a nanny. Or more likely, a designated stay-at-home dad. Or both. Who knows, I'm just thrilled for them.

Maybe Dr. Horrible will design a heretofore never-seen original sarcastic diaper bag. With evil changing flap.
Congrats to both of them :) ! From personal experience I can say that we twins can be quite a handful, but I'm sure they'll be fine (but sleep deprived).

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