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October 15 2010

Eliza Dushku on what Dollhouse taught her, and what it can teach us. Eliza spills the beans to io9 as Dollhouse Season 2 arrives on home video.

‎"...that's the beautiful thing about the true human characters that he creates. They're flawed, and they're not perfect, and they sometimes do horrible things and in the end you look at them as a whole - the tragic humans that we all are."

Lovely read,
Thank you!
People have said, Joss has definitely got to go do a cable show, where you can really have the freedom to get fucked up. Maybe when he's finished Avenging.

So say we all.
So say we all.

Not quite, but whatever.
You know, out of context, this sounds kinda weird: was beyond fun one-off episodes where we're running out, being assassins..."

I guess understanding exactly what she means by that, makes me kinda weird. ; )
*Great* interview, I loved it. Adding my voice to the Joss on cable "So say we all".
Fingers crossed about what Eliza said, "maybe when he's done avenging". :_)
Eliza is always so well spoken. Great interview and I'm joining her with my Dollhouse pangs.
Seconded, and Eliza is hot when she's insightful.
Eliza is always hot. I don't think it's possible for her to not be.
So say we all to both the Joss being on cable and to the Eliza always being hot.
Language is so awesome... Dollhouse was great, and it only could have benefitted from the freedom of language that cable brings.

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