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December 11 2003

(SPOILER) Eonline's Kristins Weekly Column.... Starts with info about the 100th episode party.

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"I think what this show really needs is a redhead," he said. "For me, it's becoming personally offensive that we aren't representing that group. There's only one redhead in Hollywood, so naturally they should hire my wife. I just can't believe there hasn't been an organized movement."

Who thinks by the end of the day there will be an organized movement starting on the net somewhere? :)

"Charisma, on the other hand, seemed legitimately grateful to be a part of the 100th brouhaha, but in general, ready to move on. That might have something to do with the fact that her relationship with producers appeared slightly strained--during Joss' introductions of cast members before the cake cutting, hers was the only one missing a lengthy buildup. Intentional? Who knows? In any case, Charisma says she doesn't plan on coming back."

See? I made a comment when this article first broke stating that I felt as though JW had treated CC rather like a prick. And everybody was offended...I love JW and his work but I definitely think he is a person I would not get along with...In his interviews he consistently seems callow and insensitive. I might be completely wrong, as a matter of fact I hope JW is a wonderful person...But that is not the "vibe" I get from his interviews or articles...

Can anyone understand where I am comming from?

LOL Raven!!! And your insight about the Joss interview concerning his apparent lack of knowledge going into this season was right on...

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....awwww ....Alexis is so sweet..... lucky rat bastard
Just my impression, simpleba, but I thought it was your choice of wording that was objected to more than anything else. And while I have no doubt JW is just as capable as acting like a, ahem, jerk as anyone else, I'm curious why you assume that any tension is his fault rather than hers -- other actors seem to love working with him.
Anything I would suggest would be labeled hearsay so I will refrain...And furthermore, it seems that any suggestion that JW is in anyway imperfect brings the ire of Whedon's acolytes who believe that Joss is infallible...

[ edited by Simpleba on 2003-12-12 07:48 ]
Simpleba, you have a tendency to go on and on about other fans and the other people posting here rather than the article posted. I'm tired of that. There's no three strike rule on this site, but if there was, you'd be out by now. I don't want to see it again.
For what Charisma thought of the whole thing, go here and read Chrissy's post.
I humbly back away from the wrath of server admin...
Well being pesky humans, they're all capable of being jerks I'm sure. It's possible both Joss and Charisma are feeling slighted by each other.
Maybe Joss was rude in the manner he let her go. Maybe not. Maybe he felt insulted she started complaining to the press a bit here and there.

Could be Joss only wanted to really go into the current regulars in his speech, keeping it brief. Could be there's not that much to it.

I do find it odd that you would find Joss unsympathetic from his interviews et al. I am far from a Joss apologist (in fact I hate it when people start whitewashing all bad behavior of their idols) but from interviews and Q&A sessions I attended, Joss has always come across as a charming, witty and friendly guy.
Of course he could be a prick to work for, but plenty of people that are or used to be on his payroll seem to hold him in high regard.

Anyway, I'm glad Cordy's story is going to be wrapped up, but I think her story was indeed, done by now. I am more looking forward to Willow possibly hopping over. And I don't think I'm the only one. Haha, you just know they all ground their teeth when Alexis married Alyson. And doesn't he always have *THAT* grin on his face when he's on pictures with her?

Lucky dog, hehe.
I'd love Willow to be a guest (or better - a regular) on Angel! She was so much fun the last time around! All the interviews I've seen with Joss make me think he's a nice guy.

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