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October 16 2010

Badger versus the Doctor. Mark Sheppard has been confirmed as appearing in the next series of Doctor Who.

Awesome. Mark Sheppard is fun to watch in pretty much everything, so seeing him on Doctor Who will be great.
I'm still ticked off at the (apparent) Warehouse 13 kill-off. Not because I'm worried he won't be in work, but because he was already defining the Valda character and it had so much potential. And it was easy to to find on TV or internet.
Where do I go to see legit Dr. Who (US Left Coast, minimal TV) or do I just have to wait for DVDs?
Ennyhoo, break a leg, Mr. Sheppard!!
FloralBonnet, BBCAmerica airs Doctor Who. I don't think it is available anywhere for free on the Internet, but you can rent on iTunes for 99 cents an episode. That's pretty damn reasonable.
Interesting. He must have already known he was up for the part last weekend during his con appearance. I have a write up of it here where he says that Dr. Who is a show he's always wanted to appear on. He also mentions that Ben Edlund is one of his favorite writers.
TamaraC, I agree about the price. TQVM :-)
Yay! I just finished watching the latest episode of Supernatural, which he was in. It will be great to see him in Doctor Who because I'm a huge Doctor Who geek. (Which completely reminds me that I need to go scouting for second Doctor episodes because they are the only ones I haven't seen yet).
I love seeing Mark Sheppard on my TV, and it is awesome that he'll be on Doctor Who! Not that he needs more sci-fi cred! Few people have appeared in so many great shows.
i was wondering why he retweeted someone talking about seeing him buying a mobile phone in Cardiff.

Thing is the first few episodes of new season Dr Who are supposed to be set and filmed in the States. (no doubt they wanted to go over stuff in Cardiff first)

And yes as usual he as great in friday's Supernatural
fmwt, it could be the Christmas special.
TamaraC, the Christmas special has been wrapped for a while now. They've been in production for the next series for a few weeks (I believe they've filmed the first block, including Neil Gaimans episode.) He was probably in Cardiff for the readthrough/rehersals.
I'm pretty sure the Christmas Special has been filmed already and the article said that the new, two part season premiere began shooting earlier this week.

Anyway, great news. It's a long shot but here's hoping to a new Master.

Also, they're filming in the States? Who boy.

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Thanks, guys. I was just wildly guessing. I also think it is adorable how Natalie Morales (of Middleman and White Collar) is campaigning on twitter to be cast in Doctor Who. She mentioned Manservant Neville (Mark's character on Middleman) being cast and wants to know when she gets a call. :)
Based on the very limited info for the opening two-parter and this is me making an awful big leap here, I wonder if he will be playing ?
Guess that I shouldn't be too surprised. In the last week or two I've seen Mark in more individual television episodes than any other actor, I would imagine. This week's Supernatural. The final two episodes of Leverage season two. The Season finale of Warehouse 13. It's like the guy never stops working. How is it possible that he has yet to be given a lead role in a genre show?

Looking forward to seeing him in Doctor Who. Whoever it is he plays, I hope it's a recurring role. Always good to see him pop up.
I even wonder if it's by preference ? Maybe he'd rather pop in and out of shows playing different characters each time than be "stuck" in one role for years ?

Great news though, I mean, at last right ? 47 years and Who finally becomes an official TV show by virtue of having a Mark Shepperd appearance ;).

(and Natalie Morales would be a very welcome addition too, she was great in 'The Middleman'. L.I.N.D.A. has to have a US branch surely ?)
You're probably right, Saje. I'd find it hard to believe that no one has every considered writing a more regular role for Mark into one of their shows. I suppose it's very possible that he just prefers not to be tied down. It's not as if he ever has to worry about where the next job is going to be coming from! ;)
@Highlander: Wasn't he a regular on the "Bionic Woman" remake? I never watched an episode, but i remember seeing him on the promo-cast-pictures.
He was more a recurring character on that, only appearing in two episodes IIRC (he may have been intended to become a regular, hard to tell with the show only lasting 8 eps). Since 2000 'Leverage' is - narrowly - the single show he's worked on most in fact (7 eps).
He was paid as a regular for Bionic Woman. He loves to tell stories about how he signed on as a regular, the writers changed and they didn't want his character but he still got paid for the whole run.
I personally only know Mark from Firefly and Dollhouse, but he's always a treat. Looking forward to new Who, and can't wait to see who he plays!
Mark is amazing in Supernatural! I was excited when I heard he was coming back. His portrayal of Crowley is scene-stealing; you forget there’s someone else in the scene. I wish they’d just play him against Misha’s Castiel (especially given Crowley's new job) - I’m wondering if my senses will explode of the awesomeness.
In a DW podcast i heard that there was a character similar to last year's Dream Lord in the Series Classical, maybe he will be doing this role *fingers crossed*.

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