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October 17 2010

64% off the Buffy Chosen Collection at Amazon. The TV Deal of the Week is all seven seasons for $70.99.

Can anyone tell me which shops still sell the old collection? Worldwide shipping included.
Wait, did they give the new collection the same name as the old one? That's incredibly confusing. Please tell me amazon just screwed up the picture.

It says there's only 39 discs. That means there's no bonus disc, is there?
I emailed and complained that they have the same listing for both. Anyone wanna join me? If enough people complain, they might seperate the listings.
And the pictures seem to be of the old Choosen box. Strange.
This actually pisses me off. Just had a fellow fan buy two so called chosen collections (not at amazon) who ended up with other collections, even tough the picture showed the white/red box.

Amazon is going to trick fans this way. The details says one thing, the pictures another, and many many reviews speak of the old box and it features, not about the new one.
The 1-star reviews on Amazon are pretty hilarious. Why does someone keep making different accounts and saying that the show was canceled twice?
So wait, this isen't the complete series than?
I think it's safe to say it's a complete series. Question is, which one?

I emailed and asked, and the custom service guy said that he wasn't able to check which one amazon had in stock and was selling. He just said to return it in case it was the wrong one that arrived.
They probably don't make the old Chosen Collection anymore. It was supposed to be limited. If this new set doesn't contain the bonuses like that review says, then the retailers (or Fox) need to make it clear.
I think it is now the Chosen Collection they're offering for $70.99, the new edition of Buffy FINALLY has it's own section.
Now they made it clear on the website that it's the new version they're selling. So I won't be getting it.

@ hacksaway

I wonder which collection that really is. Is it really the new one? I thought the old link showed the new one.
I just got my shipment from Amazon. It's the new set, not the chosen collection. I'm trying to decide if I should send it back or keep it. It's a good price, but it has no bonus disk and doesn't match my Angel set.

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