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December 12 2003

Artwork for the Buffy "themed" DVDs. As yet there are no details about which episodes feature on the Willow, Faith, Spike and Angel region 2 DVDs but the release date is February 23rd, 2004 according to

Four to six episodes per DVD? Which ones would you choose?

Some very cool artwork for those sets, though I can't imagine anyone having, say, just a Spike DVD as their entire Buffy collection. That would be kind of sad and wrong. But I suppose that themed discs would be a fun thing for us hardcore types to own, just to say we have them. It'll be interesting to see which episodes they choose for each character.
Neat concept...It looks nice as well.
if they realise that some good exlusive extra features on them would entice hardcore fans, these could sell pretty well

depends on whether or not these will come out in the US for that to happen i guess... i can't see the cast & crew working for a non-R1 set
I would kill to see a Clem DVD.

Regarding extras, I reckon they would be recycled ones from the season boxsets. The 'Once More With Feeling DVD' had no new extras on it, just old ones.

Be interesting to see if any of those DVDs in "The Slayer Collection" feature episodes from season 7.
Simon - right there with you - I want a Clem DVD - and they need James Leary to do the commentary (that would be the icing) - he was on 8 episodes so he should quailfy. :)

Does anyone know if these are the only ones or the first ones - cause no offense to the other actors but where is the Xander and Giles editions.

Not to mention Riley, Tara, Anya, and Cordellia just to name some others who should have their own collections as well.
I think there may be other DVDs in the pipeline but we will have to wait and see.
Heh, do you think a Cordelia collection would include "The Wish", even though she dies halfway through?
Sorry, but the boxes would be much cooler without Buffy on the cover, or at least not so prominently.
Ooh, that's what I was going to say! It seems so unnecessary to have Buffy on there, and it looks weird with two quite large but not equally-sized people on the cover.

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What? No Xander? Aaaagh!
I like what RavenU said about sets featuring other characters. There is no way I would buy a Riley or Dawn set. Xander episodes are hit or miss for me. I have never liked "The Zeppo", and it is beyond me why that episode is so popular. "The Pack" and "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" are worth having though.

Giles, Cordelia, and Anya would definitely make great sets. Those three characters are terribly underrated. Cordelia and Anya saved a few episodes from being disasters -- look at "Reptile Boy" or "Older and Far Away". Also, neither Cordelia nor Anya were there for "Beer Bad", and the result was a disgraceful episode that should be retired. Giles is simply a fun and rewarding character to watch. "Passion", an enormous favorite of mine, should be on the Giles set, and that would rock.
Simon, RavenU, right there with you about Clem! Hey, he headed out of Sunnydale (in a VW beetle, right?)...maybe...just maybe, he headed to LA?

I would be a very happy fellow if he showed up on Angel one day...

Giles and Xander SO deserve their own set before Dawn...just sayin'...
I think Giles and Xander definitely deserve their own sets too because they are two of the four key members of the show. I also think Cordy does too because although she wasn't as important to the show in the beginning as the other four (or five if you count Angel) she was one of the main original characters. And although I like Dawn, I can't really think of that many episodes where she was the really main focus because when she was focused it usually was through Buffy's point of view. As for Tara, Riley, Anya and let's not forget Oz, I think there should be a group set focusing on the love interests of Buffy. And maybe one of Buffy's best bad guys! Or Buffy's funniest episodes (and I'll probably get rotten eggs thrown at me for this one but I actually liked "Beer Bad"!)

I also would love to see Clem (maybe with Andrew in tow) show up on Angel - a little more humor could never hurt!!

And although I love Buffy, I too agree that maybe it would've been okay not to have her picture on there too - she comes out looking like the all knowing big supportive sister lurking in the background.

But personally, I'm buying every season as they come out and I wouldn't spend my money on these special sets anyway. The only episode I would've loved to have had seperately was OMWF and I know you all over in England had it released that way but over here in the US they didn't. That I would've loved, especially if they did the whole behind the scenes special that was shown on TV.
Dawn definitely deserves her own set - Real Me, No Place Like Home, Shadow, Blood Ties, All the Way, Lessons, Potential, etc.
Invisible Green - Thank you for pointing those out - I stand corrected!
Nice, but the fan made art I have seen for VCDs etc blows this commercial stuff away. I'd post links but would rather not encorage Fox to shut them down. (y'all are savvy enough to find them if you don't know of the work already)
blwessels, I agree with you 100% on Beer Bad...never understood why it generates so much animosity. Clearly lower tier Buffy, but lower tier Buffy is still top shelf TV.
Hm, both Eliza and James' faces are reversed, no doubt for compositional purposes.
I love Clem, and I love how popular he is with fans, and a Clem set would be SO cool. Unfortunately I don't think Fox would get that at all. They'd never go for it.

I was going to say, how about an Andrew set? And I know Jane Espenson would kill for a Jonathan one, and would probably beg to be allowed to do all the commentary, but again, Fox would probably not go for that.
How about a Jane Espenson set?!
Anyone else think those look photoshopped? I'd think it was all a rumor if it wasn't on Amazon. Oh well. I wouldn't buy them anyway, since I'm getting the season 1-6 sets.
(OT) This is probably as good a place as any to say that Amber Benson promised she will check this site out when she gets back to the States.
Woot! Amber rawks! (hi!)
Ha ha ha, Simon, I take it you met her after I posted about her European tour?
Yep, after a 2 and a half hour wait in a queue I got to see her. I bought the Chance DVD, poster and pic at the event for to sign and when she was autographing them I said we loved her at this site and she said what site so I told her the name and she said she'll check it out once she heads back to the States. She wasn't too enamoured with the Internet here (something to do with not being able to email her friends) and also mentioned that she lurks at various sites.

So fingers crossed and we may have our first celebrity lurker (that's if we don't have them already).

She's a wee darling and one of those people who can instantly put you at ease. A very nice person to meet.
Yeah, she's really nice and friendly, and worth the long wait in line. BTW, I have a feeling we already have celebrity lurkers already, but that's more a gut feeling than any real proof.
First of all, why would someone want to be subjected to the "whinefest" that would be a Dawn set...I really couldn't justify buying any of these unless they were accompanied with a great deal of extra features and exclusive interviews...The principal actor for each set should give commentary for each episiode..Now that would be neat! And I would probably put down some cash fao a Xander set cause all of us guys have a little Zanman in us!

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