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October 18 2010

Writing about Whedon as a director. How would you evaluate a paper about Joss' directing?

More info about the Buffy seminar and the syllabus can be found in this blog post.

I've been thinking about doing this myself, actually. Starting with Prophecy Girl, going through and analyzing Joss's shot/composition choices along with editing and stuff like that. Mostly for my own edification, but I've thought about posting a blog or something. Dunno, we'll see how far I get with it.

Didn't think about starting with the network presentation, though. That's an interesting idea.
How about a comparison between it and the original unaired version of the Firefly pilot "Serenity"? I bet that doesn't get done very often.
I wrote a paper last summer on Joss' work as an auteur. The overall review at the time was generally positive, but if I could write it again, I think I would use a more objective lens, rather than one strictly from a fan's viewpoint.
I want to read these papers.
Actually, brinderwalt, one of the best assignments dealt with the unaired pilot of Firefly! Great students, I haz them.
And, Emmie, I'll mention to my students that there was some interest in their ideas on this topic. As they're all media and writing students, I'm sure some of them will put something up on their blogs.
Thanks, roguerouge. I've always enjoyed how Whedon directs. There's something very interesting about the way he frames shots. I think the Glee episode he directed was particularly lovely, especially the final shot of Artie in profile as Tina danced in the background with Mike.

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