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October 18 2010

Dollhouse number two on UK TV home video official chart. 'cos we rock.

Yay. That's impressive.

I contributed to the "Complete Season 1 & 2" reaching #39. :p

ETA: Nope. I did not. I got the BD.

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See Fox Home USA, this is what happens when a dvd release gets an advertising budget of more than three quid.
I am taking part of the credit for this. LOL
I think Dollhouse can feel proud about only being beaten by the excellent This is England '86. Being above Brothers and Sisters is less of an achievement, but congrats anyway.
I'm taking the credit for this too. AND I've already lent it out.
If Amazon UK counts in these numbers, I did my part. And Re: an older thread - the season 2 box from UK did come with Swedish and other Scandinavian subtitles. Somewhat strangely. Either Scandinavia is a good market for Whedon shows or it is an effect of the fact that Scandinavian TV was very quick showing Dollhouse.
Wasn't Sweden the first one to air Epitaph One? I'm remembering it was. Anyway, what I find weird is that S1 had Finnish subtitles but S2 doesn't. Although maybe it's for the best, Finns can't translate Whedon-speak too well.
What I found a bit weird (and fairly annoying) is the lack of a printed episode listing. Unless it somehow slipped out of my copy.
Wooooo hoooooo ! We're number 2 ! We're number 2 ! Goooooooo UK !!*


* What can I say ? We really can't do razzamataz over here.
Nocticola: Yes, Sweden was first to air Epitaph One, at least on general broadcast. I didn't believe it was true until the programme actually started. Ah, that was a special hour...
OldSwede, I do believe you were the first fan in the world to see that, since nobody put it on torrentdebits.
I thought Malaysia or Singapore got it first?
Oooooh. Sinapore Telecom (or some such) aired it on video-on-demand, true. Not sure if first, can't remember.

I do remember an epic effort was made to keep it off BitTorrent by asking fans who tweeted about it not to post it online, as I wanted people to see it first at Comic-Con. However sadly it got out via the Fox DVD early.
Singapore definitely had it first. I remember talking to a guy on Twitter. If I recall correctly, he never spoiled it, but did tweet a picture just to prove it had in fact actually aired there.
I think the Swedish airdate got pushed back till after the unveiling of the episode at Comic Con.

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