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October 18 2010

(SPOILER) Mark Sheppard's 'Doctor Who' Character Revealed. Mark tweeted the link a few minutes ago.

Didn't know whether spoiler tags were needed, so I added them just in case. Please feel free to fix it if they're not necessary, mods.

John Simm loves being on Who, so why would they ask anyone else?
Because it's time to move on.

Simm was Tennant's Master; they were a matched set, complimenting each other. Tennant is gone. When the Master reappears, he should be someone that likewise compliments to Smith's Doctor - or, my preference, who contrasts with him instead.

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I'm less interested in the character name - it reveals almost nothing - and more excited about the fact that they're going to be shooting here in Utah...
It'd be fun to see Mark Sheppard play The Master, but I'd much rather he played a completely original character, that he could make his own a bit more. Given just the name, pretty much anything's possible :).
Not DW connected, but my favourite exchange from last year's Polaris Q&A.

Fan: Did you have to have special training on the Irish situation before filming In The Name of the Father?

Mark: Well, I'm Irish...
Wait, what? He was in In the Name of the Father? My friend wrote music for that film (The title song and 'Thief of your heart'), as well as overseeing the rest of the songs used on the soundtrack.


Ah, he played Paddy Armstrong. Whom I've met in real life. :-)

I'm a relatively new Who convert, and I'm still trying to like Matt Smith as much as David Tennant BUT

I'm super excited for this next season/series/whatever. Mostly I can't wait for Neil Gaiman's episode (having read it will be more 'adult' my assumption is that it may be one of my favorite episodes) but the fact that the awesome Mark Sheppard is going to be in this next season as well makes me even more excited.

Not to mention, I've found an awesome show that I love that's actually still on the air. Didn't see Firefly or Buffy/Angel until they were off the air.

My biggest problem is that, since I don't get BBC America, I'll have to subscribe to Doctor Who on iTunes. They need to get with the Hulu program. ;)
There's a bunch of new spoiler pics of Mark Sheppard on set with a certain very timey-wimey character. We pretty much know what kind of character he's playing now.

Who spoilers galore! And more here.

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So he seems to be playing another guy in a suit. What a waste.

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Don't worry, they can probably re-use the suit (he looks to be of more or less average build).

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