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October 19 2010

Script review of Sarah Michelle Gellar's rejected HBO Pilot. Another one here.

Real shame this didnt get made, sounded like a great project.
oh! I didn't know the script had leaked. I need to hunt this down. Is there any hope some other network will pick this up? One of the reviews mentions Showtime.
Sigh. The script for this looks really good. I can easily imagine SMG delivering these lines in rapidfire fashion.
It really is a shame this never got picked up. I love HBO and I love family dramas/dramedies. SHAME.
I read this script a while ago. I found it a mixed bag. SMG's character Alice: really good. It was clearly written for her. And the relationship between her and her brother and sister was kinda interesting. All her scenes felt natural.

But the brother and sister as characters themselves, and their story? Meh. Felt to forced in trying to wring out the drama in banal situations.

I could see some executive watching Alice's story and getting really excited, only to have the whole show/experience be brought down by the other main characters (especially if they didn't cast it right) and decide to pass on the entire thing.

But still, it would have be really good to see SMG back on t.v. again. Sigh.
Shame. Sounds like it would have been an interesting show. Heck, even if it sucked it would have been beyond awesome to see Sarah back on on the small screen again. :D I hate that networks don't seem to have the sense to know when something is good and really worth making, yet we get every kind of recycled reality TV garbage. If I sound bitter, I am. lol.
is it just me or is the reviewer's writing a little wonky? I keep getting lost in weird sentence fragments.

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Here's an idea that mixes reality TV/the viewer interaction of some of the singing and dancing competition shows, with the yearning many of us feel for seeing some of these discarded pilots get made instead of those reality shows:

Every year, the networks pick out some time of the night (10pm, for Fox, since they're only airing Seinfeld reruns at that time) to air the pilots produced for the following seasons. Or, if that's unfeasible/nuts, put 'em online. Viewers get to vote for the show they want made (but viewer voting wouldn't be the sole deciding factor in everything new the networks greenlight each season, just a few shows).

No? Too much control for the viewers ? The alternative is more generic cop, lawyer, and doctor procedurals, with only the rare The Shield-like show making it through (bad example, that's cable). With viewers more in control (and not just folks with Nielsen boxes), the procedurals that get greenlit might be more of the better ones (like Southland) and we might get more non-cop/lawyer/doctor variety to choose from. More genre too, possibly.

Hasn't really been thought out. But some comic companies have done it (not that I read 'em, but Top Cow comics, a division of Image, did a "Pilot Season" promotion where they released issue #1 of about 6 to 8 different titles. Fans could vote on which one or two they wanted to see made into full-fledged mini-series or ongoings). So I figure it could work for TV too.

Haven't pilots like Global Frequency's and Aquaman's been released for sale on iTunes after fans demanded to see 'em ? Networks just need to take that model a few steps further. There's money to be made off of many of these expensive pilots.

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@Cazador, the first review is written very poorly; and, ignoring that, also doesn't really make sense. The script is disliked, then liked, then is a candidate for script of the year, then a candidate for all-time favorite script.

Second review doesn't make much more sense than the first one - calls this a light but dark comedy. I would need to think about that for ... awhile.

None of the 3 script excerpts available through these 2 reviews are especially impressive. The bits about Princess Di are even offensive. Uncalled for and extremely callous "humor." That's not the only aspect I disliked.

To make a fair judgment, I'd like to see the full script. While I love SMG, nothing I've seen here so far suggests this was a good pilot, and I'm even surprised it was shot. I seriously question the taste and judgment of a creator who needs to launch into a tirade that concludes Princess Di is better off dead than alive. Guess my sense of humor just isn't dark enough. Or light enough.

Talk about narrowcasting - what's the demographic of people who want to make fun of Princess Di's death? I suspect it's smaller than any audience HBO wants to target.

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