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October 19 2010

Alan Tudyk is the voice of Green Arrow in new DC Comics animation series "Young Justice". Cartoon Network will show the 1st episode of the show on November 26th, but the series will only properly premiere in the Spring of 2011.

Andrea Romano the casting director for the DC Animation projects keeps on with the tradition of casting at least one Whedon alum in almost every new project.

- This news comes from the Young Justice panel from the NYCC. Casting info can be found on the 10th paragraph of the report.

- Green Arrow is a recurring character in this 26 episode season.

- This is not the 1st voice work Alan's did with a DC Animation project, he was the voice of The Flash (Barry Allen) in Batman, the Brave and the Bold.

- It's a funny crash of Firefly actors, considering that Morena Baccarin was the voice of Black Canary in Justice League Unlimited.

I liked this show better the first time around when it was called Teen Titans. (zing!)

All kidding aside, it's nice to have the DCAU back in some form, even if the cast of characters (Dick Grayson, Wally West and Roy Harper) feels more like a Teen Titans reimagining than an actual Young Justice adaptation. And the use of Wally as Kid Flash, which conflicts with the JLU continuity, seems like a waste of a fun way to connect to the Bruce Timm shows of the past.

Looking forward to seeing Wonder Girl added.

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Arsenal, neither Young Justice nor Teen Titans (haven't seen any of the former and only a couple eps of the latter) were intended to connect to the DCAU/Timm-and-Dini-'verse anyway, were they ? They're all seperate continuities, just like each individual direct-to-disc DC animated film from the past few years.

I'm kinda fine with the 14 year-long DCAU staying concluded, unless Bruce Timm has a really good idea for a one-off film for one of the lesser exposed characters (no more Batman or Superman, please).
No, neither show (nor the short lived Legion of Superheroes) were overtly designed to connect to the DCAU. In fact, some argue that Titans connected better to the modern The Batman world.

Nevertheless, there are many of us who grew up on that world, its designs and voice actors, and would love to see any continuation of that world.

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