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October 19 2010

Eliza Dushku talks about the Dollhouse comic books. Despite only just finding out about them, she thinks it's cool.

"he wanted to make sure 'they can draw Eliza the way she looks in real life... Other than that, itís not really worth it.'"

I really don't get that line..... it seriously makes no sense.
The line as written doesn't make sense, I agree. My guess is that it means "In the case where they can't draw Eliza properly, it's not really worth making a comic."

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If I can trust my memory, its a mesh of about six different Joss quotes.
But even if that was the intent WilliamTheB, I still say it makes no sense. Not making a comic because they might not be able to draw a character correctly? That is seriously crazy. Joss already has a comic in which Eliza Dushku is drawn 'properly' every month. Clearly it's possible.

Also, comic book characters are representations....... I don't think it matters whether or not Echo looks JUST LIKE Eliza. As long as it captures some of her dynamics.
Looking just like Eliza is a good dynamic to capture, though. And happy avenging to the big guy.
I don't even think Eliza has to approve the likeness of her image for Dollhouse licensed property, so god knows what that quote is about.
It sounds to me like it's an old quote from back when Joss said Dollhouse wouldn't work as a comic. It's a joke, in that if Dollhouse wouldn't work as a comic then the only reason to do a comic would be for the pictures of Eliza.

That's my interpretation, anyway...
I agree with you alterna, I think he clearly meant the only good thing to come from a Dollhouse comic would be fantastic pictures of Eliza.

By the way, how come we never had a comic discussion thread?
Ah, humor destroyed by shoddy quoting. I see it now!
I sort of figured it was maybe a matter of using the medium? Like even if you maintain the same artist for an entire series or storyline it's totally up to them if they can make the character either recognizable as whoever it's based on, or if they look like what the "character" ought to.

In the event it flashes back to the doll days, then maybe Joss thinks it's important that Echo is recognizable as Dushku rather than something like "here's a dark haired girl who's an assassin. And in a different scene here's maybe a different dark haired girl as a chess player. And what of this burlesque dancer/midwife/game show contestant?"

I dunno, or there's what people are already putting forth, it's a quip that Echo just needs to be attractive like Dushku is.

Side question though, so how exactly do likenesses work for these sorts of things? Like apparently they needed to get Sarah Michelle Gellar to sign off on artists for the Buffy comics, is that just since she happened to be playing the eponymous character whereas with Dollhouse as an ensemble thing they don't need to tell Dushku? (And only SMG got artist veto power in all Buffy/Angel?) Did Gellar happen to negotiate a stronger initial or final contract? Did Dushku have to/decide to exchange some privileges in exchange for taking a more hands-on producer role?

(...Does Echo even appear in Epitaphs, hence they haven't had to inform her yet?)
Maybe it would be difficult to draw Echo with different personalities? Could that be it?

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