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October 19 2010

Adam Baldwin's "Chuck" gets an eleven episode backorder. Which brings this season total to 24 episodes. In related US network news, the order for the second season of 'V' (which stars Morena Baccarin) has reportedly been cut from 13 to 10 episodes.

Wow. Pretty nice show of support considering how often Chuck (unfortunately) pops up in the "Shows That Might Get Cancelled Due To Low Ratings" lists.
I added another news item which fitted in well.
Thanks Simon, forgot about that! I actually enjoy V..
This is great news for Chuck and its prospects of returning for a 5th season, especially due to its (comparatively) low ratings at season's star.
Chuck is safe.

It's one of broadcasts few stable shows - it might be relatively low rated, but it's the same numbers every week pretty much, while everything else is doing the tango. Also, the ad blocks were sold cheaply, which means NBC have lower expectations compared to the other show. The other cheap ad block show they have is Chase, which also got the back 9.
Great news about Chuck! I've been watching the prior seasons on DVD now. 24 episodes will be the longest season yet!

Shame about V, on the other hand. I don't love the show, but I've been watching it with my girlfriend, who likes it more than I do. A 10 episode season on a major network is not a good thing.
I'm really not trying to get my hopes up, since this a wonderful blessing in itself but... Chuck reaching 100 episodes and ending with that bang would be a huge feat. I'm curious if there's (m)any other examples of shows so on-the-bubble reaching syndication like this. :p
Indeed, I was thinking Smallville as well, but excluded them because of The WB/UPN/CW thing. Considering where NBC are now though, it might make a fine comparison.
Star Trek: Enterprise is the only other genre show I can think of.
Chuck is very similar to Scrubs in that it was not owned by the network airing it, also NBC, so it was never worth it to them to give a full court press of advertising. Scrubs was never a breakout hit, but ratings always JUST high enough to narrowly miss the axe year after year, eventually running for 8.5 seasons.
I'm so psyched and this last episode was really heart-warming. Of course hilarious also.
Actually, "Star Trek: Enterprise" didn't *quite* reach 100 eps, but 98 is in the ballpark (according to the website While I have not read anything to support this theory, perhaps there's a sense that "Chuck" is not only genuinely well-liked, but that, as the Subway campaign proved, its fans will go out of their way to support/purchase from the show's advertisers, which in turn may induce advertiser loyalty. Most advertisers can only hope their spots bring brand awareness; if you can buy ads on a show and hope to actually sell product, I would think that would be an incentive to advertise.
Chuck is one of the few shows I look forward to every week, along with Castle, Community, HIMYM and Glee so this makes me very happy as more Chuck is always a good thing.
SO glad to hear this! I worry about a fifth season, and might be just fine with four (don't shoot me) because they are running out of family members, really. But I wanted a full fourth season, and greenlit early, so they could write out a proper season four storyline (hopefully still a viable option at this point.) NBC's losing streak is making Chuck the lucky one. Bummed about V, though, I was enjoying watching Ms. Baccarin chew up her scenes!
I thought 'V' was doing pretty well numbers wise ? Or did it fall off loads after its stellar opening ? Don't love it I must admit but it's always great to see Morena onscreen, clearly having such great fun playing the villain.

Indeed, I was thinking Smallville as well, but excluded them because of The WB/UPN/CW thing.

Hasn't 'Smallville' always been a pretty good ratings winner for The WB/CW ? On a bigger network it'd be instant cancellation fodder but on The CW 2+ million (the last time I checked the numbers, ages back) is fairly decent. Never really thought of it being a bubble show (continuing has always seemed to depend more on whether the cast and creators wanted to continue). In related news BTW, i'm quite liking this season so far and you cannot imagine what a relief it was to hear Tom Welling's voice intro at the start saying "And now, the FINAL season of 'Smallville'". Free at last ;).

And yay 'Chuck'. For me the tail end of last season and this season so far have been pretty patchy, sometimes feeling a bit forced and I can't say i'm exactly over the moon about the (more or less) total reset after it looked like they were going to really shake up the format but it's still a warm-hearted, fun show. Ending it this season could really let them go hell-for-leather (as 'Smallville' seems, finally, to be doing), end on a high before it outstays its welcome.
How about Heroes, it went for more than 5 seasons and was awful after the first one. I love Chuck and was very happy to hear it gets a full year. Every year it gets renewed is just gravy for me. I do watch V but it takes me several days to get around to it. DVRs are the best thing for TV watching. Only 2 shows I make a point of watching the day they are on, The Vampire Diaries and White Collar.
I think Chuck would pull bigger numbers on another night. Monday is rough. It airs at the same time as House and How I Met Your Mother. For me Chuck is the one who has to take a back seat to the others.
Saje, I wouldn't call Smallville a bubble show, nope. I would never have been terribly surprised if it got cancelled, but it done well enough to justify keeping itself around. On another note, I never really considered Angel so much of a bubble show. Admittedly, I wasn't around, (though I do know about the constant end of year fear) but Angel always stuck me as doing quite well for the network so its eventual cancellation never seemed as clear-cut as something like Dollhouse was. To me, anyway. I could probably do with some enlightenment if people still have the numbers. :p

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